When customers are right behind you

MPO Launch Photo

Absolutely delighted to get One Car Warranty Motor Products Online Ltd launched onto the roads with their eye-catching rear only advertisement.

Their target audience will be right behind them EVERY DAY. Because they are wanting car drivers to head over to their website to talk about that all important warranty for your vehicle.

Seeing that One Car Warranty covers almost all Mechanical and Electrical components fitted to your car as standard, including in car entertainment, communication and air conditioning makes their advert powerful. It’s clear what they offer, the call to action on the advert makes it easy for drivers to remember,

They even contribute towards wear and tear, diagnosis, recovery, car hire and no excess to pay which is more information needed to help raise their brand so it’s a go to one for drivers looking to find a car warranty.

They’ve got a national campaign and a regional one launching soon so they’ll have ~40,000 pairs of eyes seeing their brand each day. Perfect for their brand awareness advertising campaign.

One Car Warranty Rear