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Punk Trucks

On Friday 5 amazing trucks hit the road talking to business owners who are driving right behind them. Only the business owners who’ve got debt in their business are probably driving along wondering what to do about their issues.

When people are driving they are more of a ‘captive audience’ because there aren’t many distractions unless you have a phone system that’s legal to use whilst driving (check what those are!) or you are listening to Pop Master on BBC Radio 2!

Boardroom Punks provide support for struggling business so have placed their trust in OOH media to deliver results alongside their digital marketing strategy.

As the business owner drives a lot he knew the power of truck advertising combined with understanding business owners are often left with their thoughts when alone. Whether they are in debt or not!

Another reason to celebrate is that this is the first advertiser to select our 5 Trucking Good Deal offer where he will only pay when his trucks have delivered a monthly total of 80 hours (4 weeks at 20 miles is our drive time guarantee).

So we’re excited to see how this campaign performs for many reasons!

And if you ask us what our favourite Punk band is there’s a division in the office after some YouTube listening.

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