A Wise Move
Wise Hit the road

Launching another brand new 5 truck rear advertiser onto the roads. We’re delighted to welcome Wise to the DrivenMedia fleet.

  • Who are they?

This is a great piece of tech for self-employed drivers and their employers. With Wise. The first onboarding software that helps companies engage a self-employed workforce. Importantly it helps everyone stay HMRC compliant and grow a business with a full suite of tools.  Best of all, it’s free.

  • Who are their target audience?

This advertising campaign is solely for self-employed drivers. So that ranges from HGV drivers through to car delivery drivers. All the people who will be behind the advert every day it’s on the road.

And in this instance they’ve got a really clear message to make people search, which self employed person doesn’t want an extra bit of cash in the bank?

  • Marrying up offline to online

Their offline advert (the truck) gives a clear call to action for those self-employed drivers which is perfectly matched up to a Google PPC campaign so when you search “WISE DRIVERS” the only Google Ad is from Wise which is perfect.

Looking forward to seeing how quickly awareness for the Wise app develops with this advertising campaign that’s ultra-targeted to the people driving right behind lorries travelling nationally.