Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why would I use truck advertising?

There are many reasons to use truck advertising, just see What we do.

We find the most common reason is to build your business’s brand across the area you operate in, or would like to operate in. Many of our customers find it’s easier to sell their products or services soon after their truck advertising campaign launches; because it builds the brand’s awareness and credibility. A company that has its own fleet, is immediately recognised as being ‘larger’ and more successful.

Just to put this into perspective, several of our clients have received large orders from well-known companies, simply because these companies had seen the trucks and knew that our clients could meet their demands. This is brand building in action, if you want to be bigger, look bigger.

What’s unique about truck advertising?

Truck advertising reaches a highly receptive audience in a space that no other platform can reach, the UK’s major road network; which happen to be some of the most densely populated in Europe.

Your advertising will be seen by an ever-changing audience, as it drives across the UK or your preferred coverage area by a wide demographic base.

If you’d like to find out more check out what we can do for you.

What material do you advertise on?

The majority are advertised on our fleet are curtain-siders; we create a brand-new trailer curtain for you, digitally printed in full colour. These have a life of over 5 years.

For non-curtain-sided trailers, we have a variety of materials, each of which can be selected, based on the trailer you’d like to use.

For the rears of all our trailers we use a premium vinyl wrap; again, this is digitally printed in full colour.

How long does it take to start advertising?

If we produce your artwork, the process can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the revisions you want to make and complexity of the design.
From artwork acceptance, it can take us up to 3 weeks to turn around a new set of trailer curtains. We’re working to reduce without comprising quality. If it’s a rear only campaign we can launch within a week.

How do I know where my advert has gone?

We have our own dedicated GPS trackers directly on your advert; not on the cab, on the trailer. This gives you instant access though our GPS portal to where your advert is and where it’s been. We also provide a monthly report charting your advert.

How can I improve the success of my truck advertising?

We get asked this all the time; thankfully we are always looking for ways to improve your advert. Even if you want to create the design though your own agency, we will be happy to suggest modifications.
Common tools can be requested from us, just get in touch

What happens at the end of my campaign?

If you choose not to renew, we can recycle your trailer curtains on behalf of you, or store them for a future campaign.

Unfortunately, once removed, rear wraps have to be thrown away; we recycle what we can.

Check out this blog post to find out more about the process.

– What happens after your campaign?

Why is advertising expensive in the short term?

Truck advertising is expensive in the short term due to the investment required to get your campaign going. Once launched you’ll find that within 3 months, truck advertising will become your most cost-effective advertising platform. Our 12-month campaigns for example, cost just £0.75 per thousand people reached.

Truck advertising is almost 100 times more impactful than other forms of advertising, this is because it constantly reaches different people; and the fact that it’s moving means it doesn’t ‘fade into the background’. You can’t say the same about a short-term campaign. Truck advertising is investing in your brand awareness to help your business grow now, and in the future.

Billing Questions

What are your payment terms for production?

If you take a 12-month campaign you won’t have to worry about it, as all our 12 month or longer campaigns have production FOC. It’s included in your monthly space rental. If you pay upfront you can get an extra month added to your campaign for free. We just require a 50% deposit.

For campaigns shorter than 12 months, we need this paid at the artwork acceptance stage, as late payment can delay the start of your campaign. Please advise us if this is likely to be a problem, we are happy to work with you if you let us know.

What are your payment terms for rental?

Payment can be broken down into monthly repayments for the space, to make it easier on your cash flow. Payment must be made before each campaign month begins, so we can keep our haulage partners happy and keep your advert on the road.

If you pay upfront you can get an extra month added to your campaign, for free.