Advertising with us

  • Truck advertising is high impact, with a 97% recall rate. It has a wide reach, with the ability to reach over 55,000 people from across the UK, daily. It is incredible value for money, costing less than £0.75, per thousand people reached on average. (A CPM of £0.75p)


  • We have thousands of trucks available on fleet, ready for your advertising. On average, our trucks travel over 150 miles per day and are GPS tracked for accountability. As a brand, you will have instant access to your campaign’s past and present location, via a weekly GPS report, compiled by our team.


  • After your campaign, we recycle your curtain sides and they are made into bags that you can give to loyal clients or customers. Not only is it good fro the environment, they made great quality bags!

Why does it work?

Inspires Confidence
Drivers who come across the advertisement, perceive the company as having a large presence, and its own fleet of trucks. This creates a positive brand association which inspires confidence and trust in your brand.
A Welcome Distraction
:Truck advertising serves as a ‘positive distraction’ for those drivers who are bored stiff on the road, in traffic; this is a sure-fire way to be at the forefront of their minds.
Attracts Attention
Based on the Department for Transport data, each truck has over 55,000 opportunities to see on average, per day.
Did you know that those who have a higher disposable income are more reliant on their cars? This means that your campaign could easily be reaching the demographics you’re after.
Our campaigns can be displayed across specific roads (of your choice), such as the A1 (m), or across other regions. If you’d like some of your fleet to ‘carry’ your branding, you can also impose a restriction on the number of trucks we’re able to use.