Potential Advertisers

Are you looking for an innovative way of reaching thousands of motorists on a daily basis?

The Problem

You’re having to fight harder, and harder with your existing budget to make a lasting impression on your customers. Their attention is constantly being consumed by ringing phones, and endless emails. How does your brand stand out from the noise, and reach the front of their mind?

The Solution

It’s simple. Use a medium that reaches people when they are most responsive to advertising; i.e., truck advertising while they are on the road.

Why? Because whilst they are driving they can’t use their phone, and driving can be a drag, especially long journeys or those that are packed with endless traffic. As a result, commuters will always be looking for something to keep their minds busy. Truck advertising is a positive interruption, as well as distracting drivers from the boredom of their commute, it will increase your brand awareness, too.

Truck advertising is high impact, with a 97% recall rate. It has a wide reach, with the ability to reach over 55,000 people from across the UK, daily. It is incredible value for money, costing less than £0.50, per thousand people reached on average. (A CPM of £0.50p).

Marjon Truck

We have thousands of trucks available on fleet, ready for your advertising. On average, our trucks travel over 150 miles per day and are GPS tracked for accountability. As a brand, you will have instant access to your campaign’s past and present location, via a monthly GPS report, compiled by our team.

Why does it work?

Inspires Confidence
Drivers who come across the advertisement, perceive the company as having a large presence, and its own fleet of trucks. This creates a positive brand association which inspires confidence and trust in your brand.
A Welcome Distraction
:Truck advertising serves as a ‘positive distraction’ for those drivers who are bored stiff on the road, in traffic; this is a sure-fire way to be at the forefront of their minds.
Attracts Attention
Based on the Department for Transport data, each truck has over 55,000 opportunities to see on average, per day.
Did you know that those who have a higher disposable income are more reliant on their cars? This means that your campaign could easily be reaching the demographics you’re after.
Our campaigns can be displayed across specific roads (of your choice), such as the A1 (m), or across other regions. If you’d like some of your fleet to ‘carry’ your branding, you can also impose a restriction on the number of trucks we’re able to use.

Why Truck Advertising?

A media free landscape, currently unreachable with existing media formats.

The UK’s major road network (including motorways) are some of the most densely populated networks in Europe. They are a prime space for congestion, increasing the dwell time on your advertising; the only issue here is that conventional OOH is limited, within this space.

The only way to ensure your advertising is visible is through truck advertising.

With 66% of employees commuting by car, it’s never been more important to be reaching these areas (Road Usage Statistics, DFT.).

Increase the total reach of your advertising with an ever-changing audience

Most media owners quote with reach figures, did you know that most of these are the same people day after day? If you’re after brand exposure and awareness you want as many people as possible to see your truck advertising campaign, it’s your other advertising campaigns that these potential customers will see you, remember your brand and become more likely to buy from you. Truck Advertising makes this possible.

A Mass

The audience for a truck advertising campaign comes from all demographic categories, from all across the UK. A typical person falls into the ABC1 demographic category. Approximately 60% of the audience is male.

DrivenMedia, a fresh outtake on outdoor media, are indeed a breath of fresh air to the industry. It’s hard to bring new exciting formats to an already overcrowded market place, where marketers are wanting their brand to be seen the most and be seen as the most creative.

Driven media are not only one of the most innovative formats but also one of the best suppliers to work with in the industry. Dedicated, outstanding service and friendly to deal with, actually makes spending money enjoyable!

Spend? You would think hefty rates, as most outdoor media is, but extremely reasonable and CT1 defiantly got bang for their buck!

Ct1: Nicola Walsh  Head of Marketing

We have worked with Driven Media over the last year and found the whole process excellent. Ed and his team have always been ready to go the extra mile (literally) for us and we couldn't have asked for more from them.

The dashboard of each lorry which documents miles driven and routes has given us great insight into how the campaign is working.

Our IceLolly.com campaign has literally driven to the moon and back. DrivenMedia is an unbeatable option to consider in your ATL campaign mix.

IceLolly: Darren Kunar  Head of Marketing

We used DrivenMedia to kickstart YBOO's OOH media campaign. We loved the idea of 'huge messaging' and the value proposition of being shown on the back of a truck. Working with DrivenMedia was easy and the campaign has had a large impact.

YBOO: Martyn Gould  Founder and CEO.

Advertising with DrivenMedia has been very effective for the College of Business, we find the monthly GPS both useful and fascinating. We can match new enquiries from locations our truck has been over the last 24hours.

University of Derby: Dr David Russell  Dean, College of Business.

As a start-up business with zero brand awareness we carefully researched and considered all the usual advertising options – radio, tube, petrol pump handles, newspapers but we struggled with all of them. Primarily because of price but also because they were geographically limiting.

Then we spotted DrivenMedia; advertising on the side of a lorry travelling the length and breadth of the UK was just what we wanted. We launched a few months ago, we’ve had an overwhelming amount leads on the back of the advertising and Ed has provided a first class service.

The numbers in Ed’s presentation speak for themselves and I’m not aware of any other media that can provide that level of UK wide coverage for the money.

We also get the opportunity to recycle the side curtains into Equipsme bags as prizes next year. As a way of spreading your message and doing something different, I would recommend Ed and his growing team.

Equipsme: Gavin Shay  Distribution Director and Co-founder

"From the moment that I saw Ed on Dragons De,n I knew his innovative and creative concept of advertising would be a perfect fit for my app. I am creating ‘an agency driver revolution’ and where better to ‘hit my target audience between the eyes’ than an advert on the back of a truck, something I never thought was an option.

Ed and his team is an absolute pleasure to work with and the impact of his advertising is second to none. We had leads within hours of the truck hitting the road for the first time. Plus pound for pound it’s the most effective form of advertising that I have come across.

Roll on ‘The Revolution’ and roll on Ed and DrivenMedia as the world is our oyster, I look forward to seeing where our trucks will go next.

Profile My Driver: Danny Whittington  Head of Marketing

We used DrivenMedia to help us promote our Small Business Saturday event in Derby. We had never used truck advertising like this before, yet we saw 20 of all ticket sales converted whilst the truck was in circulation around Derby. We will defiantly be using DrivenMedia again to promote similar events and services.

Derby City Council: Chris Pook – Economic Regeneration Strategy Manager