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Looking for something different for your client,

something that will stand out and get them noticed?

You’ve found the right company and advertising medium.

The Problem

You’re having to fight harder, and harder with your clients’ budget to make a lasting impression on your customers. Their attention is constantly being consumed by ringing phones, and endless emails. How does your client stand out from the noise, and reach the front of their mind?

The Solution

It’s simple. Use a medium that reaches people when they are most responsive to advertising; i.e., truck advertising.

Why? Because whilst they are driving they can’t use their phone, and driving can be a drag, especially long journeys or those that are packed with endless traffic. As a result, commuters will always be looking for something to keep their minds busy. Truck advertising is a positive interruption, as well as distracting drivers from the boredom of their commute, it will increase your brand awareness subconsciously, too.

Truck advertising is high impact, with a 97% recall rate. It has a wide reach, with the ability to reach over 55,000 people from across the UK, daily. It is incredible value for money, costing less than £0.50, per thousand people reached on average. (A CPM of £0.50p).

Marjon Truck

We have thousands of trucks available, ready and waiting for your client’s beautifully designed creative to be installed on. On average, our trucks travel over 150 miles per day and are all GPS tracked for accountability.

Both you and your client will have instant access to your campaign’s past and present location, via a monthly GPS report, compiled by our team.

Why Truck Advertising?

A media free landscape, currently unreachable with existing media formats.

The UK’s major road network (including motorways), are some of the most densely populated networks in Europe. They are a prime space for congestion, increasing the dwell time on your advertising; the only issue here is that conventional OOH is limited, within this space.

The only way to ensure your advertising is visible is through truck advertising. With 66% of employees commuting by car, it’s never been more important to be reaching these areas (Road Usage Statistics, DFT.).

Increase the total reach of your advertising with an ever-changing audience

Most media owners quote with reach figures, did you know that most of these are the same people day after day? If you’re after brand exposure and awareness then you want as many people as possible to see your truck advertising campaign. This is what will help make potential customers remember your brand, and in-turn, be more likely to buy from you.

A Mass Audience

The audience for a truck advertising campaign comes from all demographic categories, from all across the UK. A typical person falls into the ABC1 demographic category. Approximately 60% of the audience is male.

What's the return on my investment?

A key question we always get asked and the answer is based on your campaign objectives. We believe truck advertising is best used for brand awareness, as a publicity stunt or getting people’s attention. It’s other forms of advertising that are going to benefit as it’s a secondary medium, using truck advertising means these primary mediums are more likely to convert and generate sales for you.

DrivenMedia are the ideal partner for us, quick to reply to questions and breifs. We have complete confidence when we book a campaign.

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