Truck Advertising for Viola Corporate

Viola Corporate's Truck Advertising Campaign

Truck advertising for The Funky Iron Company.

The Funky Iron Company's Truck Advertising Campaign

DrivenMedia’s Referral Scheme

A thank you for telling your friends and connections

The best form of marketing is getting our customers to tell others about how are campaigns have helped them, now we can reward them thanks to our Referral Scheme.

  • How does it work?

Simple, introduce us to a potential advertiser and if they book a meeting you get £20 in gift vouchers or £40 donated to a charity of your choice.

If that advertiser then books with DrivenMedia earn an additional £100 in gift vouchers or £200 for a charity of your choice.

That’s not all, there are lots of extra surprises and gifts in store.

Moose Juice on a truck

Moose Juice's (Harper Innovations') Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Muscle Moose – Moose Juice

Format: Rear only

Campaign Length: 3 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide -M1, M6 focus.

Launch Date: October 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

April King’s Truck Advertising Campaign

April King's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: April King

Trucks: Three

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Lenth: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide (M1 & M6 focus)

Launch Date: October 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

See April King’s coverage of events.

Launch photos and Video’s below below

April King Client photo shoot (Ed included)
April King Trucks lined up

Prostate Cancer Uk Truck Advertising Campaign

Prostate Cancer Uk's Truck Advertising Campaign

Trakm8 Truck Advertising

Trakm8's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Trakm8

Format: Hybrid (Full wraps and rear only)

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: October (Full Wrap) November (Rears) 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photos below

Full Wrap

Trakm8 truck advertising side pannel
Trakm8 rear panel


The Trakm8 rears waiting ready to hit the road for the first time
A pair of Trakm8 installed rears with both advert versions
Trakm8 RH600 Rear
Trakm8 RH600 Rear

Profile My Driver Truck Rear Advertising Campaign

Profile My Driver Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Profile My Driver

N.o trucks: 3

Format: Rear only (with Artificial Flush Rears)

Campaign Length: 3 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: October 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Profile My Driver Truck 2
Danny fromm PMDand Ed from Dm stand in front of Profile my Driver truck 3

Video: Artifical flush installation for Profile My Driver

Truck Spotting DrivenMedia Style

Time to get into truck spotting!

Truck Advertising Campaign Spotted on the M1

Truck Spotters unite, finally you can get a reward if you spot one of our trucks on the road you could win a prize or even be paid for your picture.

That’s right we want your pictures of our customers’ campaigns on the road.

Once a month, one random entry will win one of our branded notebooks. The best pictures we’ll even buy and present to our clients. There’s nothing like seeing your brand on the road right?

How to enter?

Each method of entry earns you one entry into the competition.  More entries means more chances to win!

You must upload the picture in its raw format and tag in DrivenMedia in the relevant platform. Bonus entry for tagging in the customer.

Good Luck!

The rules

  1. This competition is run and promoted by DrivenMedia Ltd.
  2. Entry by any method does not guarantee a win, nor payment for your picture.
  3. Each months winner will be drawn randomly and notified on each platform they entered. It will be the winner’s responsibility to then inform DrivenMedia of their address for their prize to be sent. Prizes not claimed within 30 days are annulled.
  4. Pictures DrivenMedia wishes to buy off the owner will be a flat fee of £50 (plus VAT if applicable), this licence allows DrivenMedia and it’s client unlimited use of the picture in any way it or it’s customer sees fit.  The picture owner can choose to accept or reject this offer and will have 7 days to do so.
  5. Entry into the competition does not mean a social media platform endorses or supports DrivenMedia.
  6. For a list of winners, please send a self-addressed envelope and a written request of such to DrivenMedia’s head office. (Technology Centre, Westside Park, Belmore Way, Derby, DE21 7AZ).
  7. DrivenMedia doesn’t support the use of phones and/or cameras while operating motor vehicles and such any entry it deems to have been taken from the driver’s seat will be void.  This also includes dangerous such of such devices. It will not be responsible for any prosecution from the police should you choose to ignore this rule.
  8. Any ruling by DrivenMedia is final and cannot be appealed.
  9. This competition is continuous and is reset every month.
  10. Each photo may only be entered once per month, per entry method.  E.g A photo may be entered on Facebook, Twitter and email for the next 6 months.
  11. Employees of DrivenMedia are not allowed to enter.
  12. This competition is free to enter and as such the only requirement is to have seen and photographed one of DrivenMedi’s campaigns.
  13. The total number of entries possible per picture submitted is; 9. Shown below; Email, 1 entry (one for emailing the picture). Facebook, 2 entries, (one for tagging DrivenMedia and the other for the client). Twitter 2 entries, (one for tagging DrivenMedia and the other for the client). Instagram, 2 entries, (one for tagging DrivenMedia and the other for the client). Linked in, 2 entries, (one for tagging DrivenMedia and the other for the client).
  14. Rules may be added or removed at any time by DrivenMedia without prior warning or notice.
  15. The competition may be stopped at any time by DrivenMedia without notice or warning.

Truck Advertising Formats

The formats you can choose for your truck advertising campaign

Truck advertising formats! It’s a tricky question we ask our clients.

Do they want a full wrap or a rear only campaign?

A single format or a hybrid campaign?

So we’ve created this mini-guide to walk you through each format and how hybrid campaigns work.

Enjoy, click below to find out more about each.

Any Questions?
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