Truck Advertising For Vitabiotics

Vitabiotics Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Vitabiotics

N.o. in Campaign: 4 Trucks

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Length:12 months

Coverage Area: UK Wide

Launch Date: July 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

April King’s Truck Advertising Campaign

April King's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: April King

Trucks: Three

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Lenth: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide (M1 & M6 focus)

Launch Date: October 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

See April King’s coverage of events.

Launch photos and Video’s below below

April King Client photo shoot (Ed included)
April King Trucks lined up

Trakm8 Truck Advertising

Trakm8's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Trakm8

Format: Hybrid (Full wraps and rear only)

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: October (Full Wrap) November (Rears) 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photos below

Full Wrap

Trakm8 truck advertising side pannel
Trakm8 rear panel


The Trakm8 rears waiting ready to hit the road for the first time
A pair of Trakm8 installed rears with both advert versions
Trakm8 RH600 Rear
Trakm8 RH600 Rear

Ed Hollands Speaking

Get Ed to speak at your event

Ed Hollands stand in front of a white truck cab.

You might have seen Ed speak before or you might have heard about Ed’s journey from watching trucks to pitching on Dragons Den broadcast in February 2018 but nothing compares to having him speak at your event.

Ed can speak about;

  • How he got started.
  • His failures and what he’d change if he could
  • His Dragons Den story.
  • Future plans for DrivenMedia.

All in a talk titled “From The Roadside To The Dragons’ Den”

Ed has already spoken at numerous events, Exhibitions and for numerous companies including; Vonage, The University of Derby and Nottingham College.

If you want to book Ed to speak at your event please get in touch with one of the team or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to confirm his attendance.

Upcoming Talks

Nothing at public events

Speaking Testimonials

“Ed spoke for us at the launch of our new networking company, being as though it was the launch event it was imperative that we had someone engaging, connecting, and with a great story to tell.

Ed had all of these qualities and much more besides, and captivated the whole crowd, who in turn had an abundance of questions.

As a speaker, he attracted lots of attention to our event, and we received very high praise for his talk.

We were also limited with our venue with regards to no access to a PowerPoint etc, so Ed carried out his talk completely stand alone, and did so without any issues at all.

Alongside this, Ed is also one of the loveliest guys out there, and we would highly recommend anyone booking him as a speaker, you won’t be disappointed.”

Kelly Holbrock – Spotless Networking

“Ed was a perfect fit to speak at the University of Derby’s Midlands Enterprise Universities Showcase event, which involved our student/graduates sharing their business start-up journey. Ed delivered a business presentation sharing his inspiring journey from University of Derby graduate to winning £30,000 investment on Dragons’ Den for his company. Ed was engaging, sincere and funny which had the audience hanging onto his every word. The feedback we received from attendees said many enjoyed his talk, related to him, his journey and lessons learnt along the way. We would definitely invite Ed back again.”

Jo Wheldon, Head of Student Employment and Enterprise, University of Derby

His Articles

Ed In Action

Dragons Den

Ed on Dragons Den

The University of Derby


Spotless Networking

To discuss further or book Ed for your event email us or give the office a call 01332 416 449 and.

Get to Know Ed ( The Boss)

So you want to know about Ed?
You've found the right blog
Ed Hollands stand in front of a white truck cab.

Want to find out about our founder Ed, well you’ve come to the right place.

Quickfire questions;

Got a question to add? Email us and who knows maybe we’ll ask him.

Where people are most likely to find you at work

on-site managing an installation or on my laptop organising the next one.

Ed on site

And out of work?

Playing dodgeball or relaxing with Tara my fiance

Favorite Colour

Green or purple.

Favourite sport?

Dodgeball of course.

Ed makes a catch in dodgeball

Dog or Cat?


Pet Peeve

Broken promises.

Favourite Customer?

They all are! DrivenMedia is my business after all.

Favourite moment so far?

Dragons Den has to be up there. Who’d have thought I’d have walked away with a dragon on board?

Design and Truck advertising

What design and colours work best with truck advertising

One question we always get asked after a client has committed to going ahead with their campaign is what colours should I be using?

Well, the answer varies based on you and your brand. We’ve had companies succeed with a single colour and logo and equally full digital print. You know your customers and that’s where you should start.

Canna Truck Advertising Front

Our general advice is to avoid standard truck curtain colour, so;

  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

Why because people see these colours all day every day, but they don’t see say a purple truck or an image.

The easier you make it for people to spot your truck advertising campaign the more likely they are to remember your brand and make a purchase from you.

This Illustrates my point beautifully... Which truck is your eye drawn to?

DrivenMedia on Dragons Den again

Watch again: Ed on Dragons Den

Ed midway though his pitch

Exciting news! we’ve just learned Ed will be pitching us on TV again. A Dragons Den repeat this Sunday 17th June at 6pm on BBC2. Watch him pitch us in the Dragons Den that gets the dream team together of Ed and Jenny.

Will you be watching with us?

AdCast Episode 3

AdCast Episode 3 - 30th May 2018

Welcome to the third episode of AdCast. Sound issues this time Grrr. We will get there. Apologies!

In this week’s episode we discuss;

  • GDPR
  • Facebook and Google already in trouble.
  • Should brands use current events to promote themselves like the Royal wedding?
  • When choosing an advertiser should you focus on brand values or profit?
  • Where is your audience?
  • Campaign Review: BT Sport FA Cup
  • Campaign Review: Iceland
  • Campaign Review: England Team Annoncement
  • Campaign Review: Uber
  • Campaign Review: Direct Line
Direct Line Advert
  • Branding, getting your brand in the right place at the right time.
  • Pepsi is the now most effective brand instead of Coca-Cola.
  • AdCast beat the BBC to a Story – “Why are brands so bad at social media?”

Comments, questions or feedback? Get in touch: [email protected]

GDPR questions best head to the ICO!

96 Sheet Billboard

How does Truck Advertising Compare to 96 sheet billboards?

96 sheet billboard advertising is the staple of brands longing for national broadcast advertising campaigns, specifically aimed at raising brand awareness.

With many different mediums and formats, DrivenMedia has put together a quick guide comparing truck advertising to other common formats

In this guide, we compare truck advertising to 96 sheet billboard advertising.

We’ll look at;

  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Advertising Area Size
  • Target Coverage Area
  • Demographics
  • Key stats (Reach and Dwell Time)

Cost Comparison

As you might know, truck advertising is incredibly cost-efficient, having an average CPM of less than £0.75p. If you need a recap on CPM this previous blog post covers this.

96 sheet advertising, on the other hand, has a CPM of £5-7.

This means per pound spent you getting 6-9 times the reach with truck advertising. Your advertising budget goes further with DrivenMedia.

Advertising Area Comparison

Truck advertising is more cost efficient but do you get more space for your money?

With outdoor advertising, you want a big space to maximise the impact your brand has on your audience.

This is something we’ve touched on before in our blog and for an in-depth overview of how we calculated the advertising area for a truck, look at this post.

DrivenMedia’s Trucks have an average advertising area of over 86m.

96 sheet advertising, on the other hand, have a total advertising area of 36m. Billboards are a standard size.

Which means for every truck in your campaign you’d need 2.35 busses. Effectively you get over 150 more space with DrivenMedia.

96 Sheet Billboard advertising

If your interested in seeing how truck advertising compares to other formats, click here. 

Coverage Area

These are two completely different mediums, trucks are mobile and 96 sheet billboards are static.

Trucks can reach a wide geographic area on a daily basis across either a national or regional basis. National campaigns are delivered by HGV trailers and regional by lorries.

Campaigns on trailers travel further, and lorries have more urban reach. Want to find out more Does truck advertising reach urban areas?

Trailer and lorry advertising area

96 sheet billboards are static so the environment depends on where they are located.

Now in order to work out which would be best for your campaign, you need to know who your ideal audience is. Handy that demographics is up next isn’t it!


As we’ve established truck and 96 sheet advertising can reach completely different areas. But as truck advertising is mobile they will overlap.

In general, DrivenMedia can get your brand in front of a young, mobile, mostly male audience from all backgrounds. ABC1 is the demographic category as the Natina,l Travel Survey published by the Department for Transport found that those with higher disposable incomes are more reliant on their cars.

Find out more about the audience DrivenMedia can put you in front off.

Billboards reach the local population and/or commuting traffic.

Truck advertising is high reach / low frequency.

96 sheet advertising is low reach / high frequency.

Key Statistics - Reach and Dwell Time

DrivenMedia put’s your brand in front of a highly receptive audience on their commute. The best way for you to understand the potential of truck advertising is to watch this video.

Why did we film it? 

Truck advertising’s opportunity to see varies based on location, London, M25 is going to be far higher than for example the Hebrides in Scotland. In this case M25/London our campaign delivered over 100,000 impressions and had a dwell time of 111 seconds (just under 2 minutes).

On average we expect your campaign to be seen by 55,000 people on a daily basis with the rear panel having a dwell time on average of 48 seconds.

96 sheet billboards again depend on the location but tend to be in high traffic areas. On average will deliver 50,000 impressions but may have a low dwell time of 3-5 seconds.


In the battle of 96 sheet advertising vs truck advertising, truck advertising has come out on top.

  • Truck advertising has a higher cost efficiency, costing on average £0.75 per thousand people reached.
  • Our trucks also give you 50 advertising space than compared to a bus.
  • DrivenMedia reaches one of the most densely populated road networks in Europe and yet still deliver urban coverage.
  • Truck advertising reaches a more mobile affluent audience.
  • The reach and dwell time of truck advertising is far superior to 96 sheet billboards.


AdCast - The Advertising Podcast

AdCast – The Advertising Podcast, brought to you by DrivenMedia and Slapsticka Media.

Covering topics including;

  • Advertising in the news
  • Campaign Review
  • Hidden sides of the industry.

Episode Guide

We aim to publish AdCast on a fortnightly basis normally on a Wednesday. Episodes can be found on our blog. Links below when published.

  • Episode 1 – Recorded -Released Wednesday 2nd May 2018. Listen now
  • Episode 2 – Recorded – Released Due Wednesday 16th May 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 3 – Recorded -Released Wednesday 30th May 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 4 – Recorded -Released Tuesday 19th June 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 5 – Recorded -Released Thursday 12th July 2018. Listen Now
  • Episode 6 – Recorded -Released  Wednesday 25th July 2018 Listen Now
  • Episode 7 – Recorded -Released  Wednesday 31st August 2018 Listen Now
  • Episode 8 – Recorded -Released  Tuesday 25th September 2018  Listen Now
  • Episode 9 – Pending recording due for release 21st October 2018

How to listen?

Click the links above for specific episodes or click one of the links below for the all AdCast Episodes to choose from.

AdCast on SoundCloud

AdCast on YouTube

Listen to AdCast with Apple Podcasts on itunes

Listen to AdCast on Anchor

How AdCast Started?

AdCast is a collaboration between DrivenMedia and Slapsticka Media.

Hosted by DrivenMedia founder Ed Hollands and Slapsticka Media founder Gurdas Singh we aim to explore the advertising world in the UK.

Both are young entrepreneurs who have launched ventures into arguably one of the most difficult industries to start a business in.

AdCast will be lighthearted discussion around the latest campaigns launched by brands of all sizes and some of the challenges they face.

It started when Gurdas wanted a source of industry information in PodCast format but couldn’t find one. Talking with Ed he brought this up and as a result, AdCast was born.

When Ed and Gurdas first met.

When Ed and Gurdas met

Who's Behind AdCast?

AdCast is headed by Ed Hollands from DrivenMedia and Gurdas Singh from Slapsticka Media.

Ed Hollands

Ed Hollands stand in front of a white truck cab.

Ed Hollands is the young entrepreneur behind DrivenMedia, a truck advertising firm using commercial trucks effectively as mobile billboards. This allows advertisers and brands to advertise their brands on motorways a highly sought after media environment.

Ed started DrivenMedia in August 2015 and has since steadily grown the business to include over 2,000 trailers in DrivenMedia’s available fleet. His clients are wide ranging from universities to train operators.

You may have seen Ed on Dragons Den back in February 2018 – Watch him here. He successfully pitched and won investment from Jenny Campbell.

Gurdas Singh

Gurdas Singh is the founder of Slapsticka Media – a Birmingham based taxi advertising business priding itself on making taxis a more affordable and accessible form of advertising by offering various types and a range of campaigns.

By acquiring substantial knowledge of the taxi trade in Birmingham, Gurdas was able to understand driver practice thus launching the business in 2016 and initially only offering taxi interior advertising campaigns offering clients considerable amounts of dwell time from the desired audience which was budget friendly.

Since then the business has grown to offer all types of taxi advertising throughout the Midlands.

We hope you enjoy AdCast, happy listening!

Ed & Gurdas

AdCast - The Advertising Podcast
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