Truck Advertising for MotorEasy

MotorEasy's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: MotorEasy

N.o. in Campaign: 2 trucks.

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Lenth: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: June 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Truck Advertising for Shankar & Co (Atta)

Shankar & Co's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Shankar & Co 

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: May 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photos below

Truck Advertising Campaign for's Truck Advertising Campaign


N.o. in Campaign: 5 trucks.

Format: Full wrap

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: May 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photos below

Truck stands ready to leave the depot with livery
Little Truck, Big Truck (

Truck Advertising Campaign for Screwshop

ScrewShop's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Screwshop

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Length: 24 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: May 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

A Hippo on a truck?

Hippo Products

Hippo's truck advertising

From the start of February, you may have seen an increasing number of Hippo trucks driving across the motorways in the UK.

Who is Hippo?

Hippo Products is a company that makes any DIY Projects easier with its wide range of building and decorating products. They emphasize that their products create a bigger and better performance for professional users and those embarking on a new and exciting DIY project. Whatever the problem is, Hippo has the right product to help you overcome the hurdle.

With a passion for helping others to produce the best results, especially those who are trade professionals or those who are “do it yourself” users, it makes their products one of the top suggestions on what company to go for when committing to a DIY project solo or as a team.

Their truck advertising campaign.

As of February 2019, you will see fully wrapped trucks along the roads and motorways showing off their vibrant yet unique advertisement. What makes their wrapping unique is that on the sides is showing a picture of a calm yet memorable Hippo. With the added imagery of being half submerged under water, It creates a memorable advertisement that would stay in your mind when seen on the roads.

How to spot a DrivenMedia campaign

DrivenMedia Spotting

Truck Advertising UK

DrivenMedia, one of the fastest growing truck advertising companies since launching back in 2015. They have now amassed over 50 active trucks in their fleet by 2019.

The question is how to spot a DrivenMedia Campaign?

The answer? Simply drive along the motorways in the UK and there is a possibility for you to see one of these trucks yourself. The more you drive and the more trucks we launch the more chance you have of seeing one.

As they move, sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time.

But how can you tell?

When you see a truck with a company branded all over it, there is a high likelihood of it being one of ours.

Just have an eye out for the DrivenMedia logo placed on the rear or the side bars of a truck.  The location of our logo will vary depending on the company and what sort of advertisement they wanted. A full wrap advertisement covering the entire truck or just a rear advertisement covering just the back of the truck. Alternatively, check out our clients and see for yourself. (not all of our trucks have our stickers on… someone… Ed… forgot to bring our stickers!)

Even though we have trucks on pretty much any motorway across the UK. If you want to increase your chances of seeing one of our trucks then, drive along these specific motorways the M1, M6 and the M25, as they have a higher frequency of DrivenMedia trucks.

If you see a DrivenMedia truck out there, remember to take a picture and send it to us! Just look for the purple banner!

See some example locations of our branding are shown below;

Rear Location

SIde Pannel Location

Truck Advertising for Hippo

Hippo's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Hippo

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: February 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Hippo's truck advertising

CT1Testimonial Video

CT1's Truck Advertising Testimonial

Nothing’s better than getting some fantastic feedback from a client, thank you CT1! We love working with you to bring your brand to the UK’s road network.

Take a watch and see what they said about their DrivenMedia campaign.

Trakm8 on the road

Have you seen a Trakm8 on the road?

The Trakm8 rears waiting ready to hit the road for the first time

On a road near you, Trakm8 have a moving OOH (Out of home) advertising campaign on the very roads we drive on. Find out more by reading on.

Who are Trakm8?

Trakm8 is a UK based Big Data company who lead the technological market in fleet management, insurance telematics, optimisation and dashboard camera systems. Using IP owned technology which collects over 3 billion miles of data every year. The data gathered is used to create fleet management solutions and to develop and make improvements so that companies can use their fleet with maximum potential and efficiency.

With the headquarters based in the West Midlands, Trakm8’s client list includes many big names such as EON, AA, Iceland, Shell, Direct Line Group and Euro Car Parts. We’re proud to be working alongside Trakm8 to bring their technology to the attention of the nation.

Trakm8's truck advertising campaign

With coverage of the whole of the UK be prepared to see Trakm8’s trucks today.

Their campaign is our first Hybrid campaign, a  mix of full wraps and rear only adverts with plans to extend this onto even more trucks.

These trucks definitely stand out with their bold colours and clear pictures of their products on each and every truck.

April King on the road

Seen April King yet?

April King Trucks lined up

From October 2018 onwards, you might have seen a few April King branded trucks on the roads particularly on the M1 & M6.

Who is April King?

Originally known as King & Co when they launched in 1991. By 1996 they rebranded as April King after their merger with April Law Associates.

They are a modern and approachable Legal Services Group, with a team of dedicated specialists in their different fields such as Trust & Estate Lawyers, Chartered Legal Executives, Solicitors, Mediators, Conveyancers, and Barristers.

Unlike other legal groups, April King offers a unique service to protect their client’s children’s inheritance called Bloodline Wills. They’ve realised that most people think their existing Will also include protection for their children’s inheritance in the future, however, this is a different story. Without properly checking the money you are giving for your children to inherit could be given to someone else, like an ex-son-in-law etc. So, April King is taking the step further to ensure a client/family can be as prepared as they possibly can and thanks to DrivenMedia they’re spreading the message across the county.

The truck advertising campaign

April King’s truck advertising campaign consists of 3 trucks, each fully covered in the April King brand and information, what we call a full wrap.

You’re most likely to see the trucks on the M6 or M1 as this is a campaign focus, however, the trucks can travel anywhere in the UK.

So, get ready to see the purple and white April King’s trucks on your roads today.

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