What to look for with your truck advertising provider

Looking at truck advertising?
Here's what to look for;

Yay, you’re looking at doing a truck advertising campaign.

As DrivenMedia is the premium truck advertising supplier, we understand you may look elsewhere and be asking yourself what you should be looking for.

Driving Hours

Ensure you know when your campaign is going to be on the road, midnights not very good as very people are on the road! With DrivenMedia we have a GPS guarantee meaning you’re guaranteed daytime running of your campaign.

Equally, we’re sure you don’t want your campaign to be stuck in the yard, so make sure you’ve got a minimum drive time. DrivenMedia guarantees 5 hours a day 5 days a week averaged over the life of the campaign if it’s not met your campaign is automatically extended.

Fleet Condition

Ask about the type of hauliers you’re going to be on, DrivenMedia chooses to work with reputable hauliers who look after your campaign and their trucks to ensure whenever it’s seen it looks like the day you launched it.

GPS Trackers

Don’t forget to see how they keep your campaign accountable, do they use GPS trackers? Are these on the cab or the trailer?

How else are you going to know your campaign has been doing what we or the haulier tell you.

If the tracker is the haulier’s own system or is placed on the cab what does that tell you about your campaign trailer? don’t forget cabs and trailers can detach.

DrivenMedia’s truck advertising campaigns are tracked with our own GPS trackers on the trailers themselves giving you the best idea of where your campaign is.

What we look for in our hauliers

What we look for with our haulage partner.

Truck Advertising UK

Our haulage partners are the ones who actually deliver our campaigns, more importantly, they become an extension of your brand so knowing we have the best we have the best in the business should put your mind at ease.

Here’s what we look for when choosing a haulier to deliver your campaign;


Advertising looks best when it’s clean, we’ve all seen dirty trucks on the road where you can’t tell test from dirt, dust and grime so we make sure the haulier looks after their fleet.

Ensuring a high quality of display for your advertising campaign.

Did you know contractually all of our hauliers have to clean their fleet every two weeks, but most clean them weekly if not daily? We partner with the haulier that stop their fleet from leaving the yard if they can see it has a spec of dirt on it.


We have a driving time guarantee, a minimum time your campaign has to be on the road. So we partner with hauliers who go the extra mile.

Did you know every day on average each truck in our available fleet travels 250 miles?

More miles covered means more eyeballs on your truck advertising campaign.

Driving Day

A high mileage is good but this milage has to be in the day, otherwise whats the point? Noone is going to see your campaign because it’s dark!

Our driving time guarantee is built with this in mind, only driving hours between 6 am and 7 pm count towards the total. Our competitors can’t say this (and they don’t even track the trailer!)

Why we track the trailer and not the cab?


We choose hauliers that are responsive to communication, not only does this improve our lead time, meaning you can launch your truck advertising campaign quicker.

But it also means if there is a problem, such as if the trailer has to be taken of the road for a period of time, we can tell you.

it’s no good finding out in the tracker report it missed a week if we don’t know why.


Hauliers with good reputations want to keep them. Afterall it’s taken them years of hard work to create it in the first place.


By working with these hauliers we can ensure your campaign is in good hands.

Did you know our best hauliers are paid more because they require less management on your behalf?

Driving time target

5 hours a day, 5 Days a week.

GPS Tracking

DrivenMedia has a 5 hour a day, 5 days a week driving hour promise, but how do we know what hours our trucks do and what happens if they aren’t met?

All our campaigns are tracked with our own system of GPS trackers, it’s how our hauliers are paid and how we know how many hours they are doing on the road.

Simply put our hauliers only get paid when they drive your campaign for long enough.

So when they don’t your campaign is automatically extended by the period that’s missing so neither you or the haulier miss out.

That’s our driving time guarantee.

GPS Tracking Portal Walkthrough

GPS Tracking Portal Walkthrough

Our GPS tracking portal is a vital part of our truck advertising packages. This walkthrough will show you how to use it. From where to find it, logging in to showing the history so you can see where your campaign has been.

If you have any questions, do get in touch. Team DrivenMedia would be happy to help. Contact Us

Why we track the trailer and not the cab?

Why we track the trailer and not the cab?
Hand holding a phone, with a location highlighted.

This is one key differentiation between DrivenMedia and our competitors, we have our own system of GPS trackers attached magnetically to the haulier’s trailers whereas our competitors rely on the hauliers own telematics systems normally installed in the cabs.

  • Accuracy

You’re only interested in where you’re trailers been, that’s where your advert is and that’s what you’ve paid to be on. Cabs and trailers are two different things, and the combination of trailers and cabs changes every day. Also with GPS tracking on the cabs, you don’t know which trailer has been attached to the cab if any, so it’s harder to identify exactly where your trailers been.

  • Accountability

Using our own GPS trackers allows better accountability of your advertising campaign, not only for the accuracy of reporting but it allows you as an advertiser to log in at any time and see where your campaign is and where it has been. We like our advertisers to stay on top of where their campaign is.

  • Ease of Access

All your data in one place, what’s easier than that? As we run campaigns across multiple hauliers we can ensure all your tracking data is in a single location. Using hauliers own GPS data you may have multiple logins into multiple systems.  You only need to learn to use one system which is much simpler and easier.

  • Final Thoughts

Yes, investing in our own GPS tracking trackers and software increases the cost of our campaign to our advertisers but we believe it’s worth it as it aligns with our vision: To make truck advertising an accountable advertising medium.

If you’d like to take a look at our GPS tracking software, book a meeting with one of the team. 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01332 416 449.

How do track your campaigns?

How do we track our truck advertising campaigns?
GPS Extract from December for one of our campaigns.

When you book a mobile out of home advertising campaign it’s important to know where it is at all times. After all, you paid for it to be out on the roads.

At DrivenMedia all our campaigns have a guaranteed minimum drive time of five hours a day, five days a week and all are tracked with a magnetic GPS tracker placed onto the campaign trailer.  Our GPS trackers are set to record location every 10 minutes to maximise battery life and give you an accurate overview of the route taken by the truck.

All our clients can access GPS tracking date from their campaign at any time and receive a monthly GPS tracking report prepared by one of our team.

Why are our GPS trackers placed on the trailer and not the cab? Find out in an upcoming blog.

Where does a truck advertising campaign go?

Where does a truck advertising campaign go?

Where will the trucks in your campaigns go? Simple question and the answer depends on what area you’re looking to cover, national or regional.

National campaigns can cover the Uk as a whole, mainland Uk (England, Wales Scotland) or even the UK and ROI. Based on your decision we will allocate your campaign around multiple hauliers across your chosen area. E.g for a twenty-five truck campaign covering the UK and ROI, the allocation could be, five ROI, three NI, three Scotland, three Wales, four North West/North East,  three Midlands and four London and the South. Obviously, this could change for your campaign and trucks in the Midlands may have coverage across the South of England. We split your campaign to ensure equal coverage across your chosen regions. See some of our haulier locations at the bottom of this blog.

Regional campaigns such as across the Midlands work on a similar principle, if the area is large enough we split your campaign so, in this case, two hauliers, one in the West Midlands and one in the East Midlands.

So starting location sorted let’s move onto tracking their mileage, now we could use the hauliers own Telematics system, but this only track the cab element of a trailer and cab system, your campaign is on the trailer. You can’t tell which cab took which trailer. The is the reason we use GPS tracking units attached to the trailer and give you access so you know live where your trailer is.

Fancy taking a look where some of our trailers have been? Get in touch.

T: 01332 416 449

E: [email protected]

Does truck advertising reach urban areas?

Does truck advertising reach urban areas?


We’ve had a question submitted by Jack from Screwfix;


“Do you think that truck advertising has its main benefits just on the motorway or could it be expanded to hit consumers who don’t spend much time on motorways?”

While Jack is correct trailers, the main bulk of our available fleet, do spend approximately 80 of their driving time on motorways and other major roads, to do reach into urban areas with a number of ways;

  • The first and most obvious is the trailer actually driving into towns and cities, all urban areas have roads that transport firms need to use to make deliveries. They simply wouldn’t be able to cope with the volume of traffic without them and businesses wouldn’t be able to have deliveries of stock and supplies. Our Gps trackers show this, one of our campaigns has been into central London during rush hour, how much would you pay for this on one day alone?
  • The second is by social sharing, this is the use of social media to share images of the campaign. This has been used by some of our advertisers with great success. This amplifies the reach of the campaign far beyond what can be achieved with a lorry advertising campaign alone.
  • Related and far harder to track is the word of mouth around our campaigns. Consumers directly exposed to your trailer advertising campaign talking about it at work, at the gym or even at the pub. Imagine that your brand being discussed at the dinner table.
  • You may not ever drive on a motorway but one of our trucks could still visit you at your place of work. This advantage is because we work with curtain sided trailers and smaller hauliers who in turn work with smaller businesses.

If you’ve got a question you’d like answered, get in touch.

One of our campaigns in Central London

How do I know when my campaigns on the road?

How do I know when my campaigns on the road?

Accountability for your campaign is key and there are two ways to answer this, it depends on when you’re asking; Pre or Post Launch.

Pre-Launch: You’ll be giving an installation date or dates, for when your campaigns going to be installed on your chosen trailers. Once we’re done putting your brand on each trailer you’ll get a picture confirming that they’re on then it’s down to each haulier when they unleash your advertising to the UK. Normally next working day.

The quickest we’ve had is 6 minutes, that’s right we finished, handed the trailer back, a cab was attached and off it went.

Post Launch: All of our advertising trailers have they’re own GPS tracker installed on the trailer, which means as an advertiser you can log into our portal and see where you adverts are any time. Follow your campaign across the UK. A lot of our advertisers get obsessed with seeing where they’re going.

We’ve been told by one of our advertisers they ran an office bet, each member of staff would guess where it was going each morning, closest each evening had a drink on their colleagues at Friday drinks.

Plus every month you’ll get a report that details everywhere each trailer been over the last month, broken down week by week.

We provide accountable campaigns for all our clients.

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