Are Autonomous trucks the only alternative to the increasing HGV driver shortage?

Autonomous trucks the only alternative to the increasing HGV driver shortage?

Driver Shortages is one of the biggest problems that the haulage industry faces. In this blog, we will talk about using computer-driven trucks as a solution to that problem, as well as other possible alternatives to alleviate the problem.

Autonomous Trucking

Self-driving trucks carry many benefits as the solution towards the driver shortage problem. As autonomous trucking is progressing substantially, human drivers are still required to be inside to deal with certain scenarios: such as non-highway driving and interactions to the loading bays. However, with such advancement in technology in the trucking industry creating less stress, it may attract younger and more tech-gifted people.

In addition to less stress and potentially longer work life for thousands of truckers. It may also reduce the number of road accidents. According to the website  LTXSolutions, 4,000 people die every year due to trucking accidents. With safer automated driving and fewer accidents, a potential 4,000 lives a year could be saved.

Other solutions

The cost to implement autonomous technology could be too great for some companies and is therefore not a possible solution. However, there may be other alternatives to help solve the driver shortage issue.

Increasing driver’s pay

As there are fewer drivers available, the potential solution of increasing driver’s wages could be the alternative companies are looking for. As the wage increases, the driver retention rate should also increase as well as look more appealing for people to take on the trucking career or return to the industry.

The issue is with the industry as a whole, cost pressures and tight margins may not allow for this.

Reducing the regulated driving age

This may seem drastic, however, if the regulated age was reduced to 18-20 rather than the current 21 years of age this could help solve the problem. With the highest unemployment age bracket now being opened to the trucking industry, the pool of candidates to enter this career would increase monumentally.

Some may worry that the inexperience of driving may lead to further accidents, however, if someone chose this career path; the training and preparation should create drivers of a very high standard.

Autonomous Trucks: Where might you see them

Autonomous Trucks: Which UK road are you most likely to see them

Revealed, the roads your most likely to start seeing autonomous trucks being ran on trials.

  • A1
  • M5/A38
  • M4
  • M25
  • M6

Computer-driven trucks are being considered as an alternative to actual drivers and the continual shortage of trained drivers isn’t helping. The Uk could be leading the world in autonomous trucks and the roads above come top in the INRIX report for suitability for running autonomous trucks trials.

Find out more. 

Challenges faced by the haulage industry

Challenges facing the haulage industry

Truck advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your brand across to a national audience. In this blog, we will be talking about the main challenges that the haulage industry may face. Our hauliers deliver your campaigns on their fleet so anything affecting them affects us.

Fuel Costs

Fuel cost is one of the main cost pressures that our hauliers face when they are trying to ‘cut the transportation cost of goods’.

As fuel is a vital part of the haulage industry; the rising fuel prices make it a difficult task to create the most cost-effective way. Aside from driver costs fuel is the highest cost haulier’s face.

Fuel is not something you can do without, tucks and some tailers need it to keep moving and goods in the perfect condition.

Driver Shortage

According to Paragon Survey, another problem facing the haulage industry is lack of trained HGV drivers available.

In 2017 36.8% businesses surveyed said that driver shortage was the main challenge for success; in 2018 that went up to 46.4%. One of the main causes for this is said to be that there isn’t enough training and engagement to attract young talent to take on this career. This is put down to the stress and long hours involved in road transportation. A lack of suitable rest stops is another highlighted by Trucking Jobs.

Eddie Stobart Livery

End of the road for Eddie Stobart's famous livery?

A shock to every child and lorry spotter everywhere Eddie Stobart may lose its famous livery after a row with its former parent company, Stobart Group.

It’s famous green lorries and name have been retained by Stobart Group and reportedly Now, Alex Laffey, the now boss of Eddie Stobart haulage arm, (Now ESL) has been told he can use the name for £3million a year, buy the rights to it in Britain forever for £15million, or get exclusive use for £50million. If no compromise can be found it might be ditched across its 2500 stong fleet.

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