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DrivenMedia, one of the fastest growing truck advertising companies since launching back in 2015. They have now amassed over 50 active trucks in their fleet by 2019.

The question is how to spot a DrivenMedia Campaign?

The answer? Simply drive along the motorways in the UK and there is a possibility for you to see one of these trucks yourself. The more you drive and the more trucks we launch the more chance you have of seeing one.

As they move, sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time.

But how can you tell?

When you see a truck with a company branded all over it, there is a high likelihood of it being one of ours.

Just have an eye out for the DrivenMedia logo placed on the rear or the side bars of a truck.  The location of our logo will vary depending on the company and what sort of advertisement they wanted. A full wrap advertisement covering the entire truck or just a rear advertisement covering just the back of the truck. Alternatively, check out our clients and see for yourself. (not all of our trucks have our stickers on… someone… Ed… forgot to bring our stickers!)

Even though we have trucks on pretty much any motorway across the UK. If you want to increase your chances of seeing one of our trucks then, drive along these specific motorways the M1, M6 and the M25, as they have a higher frequency of DrivenMedia trucks.

If you see a DrivenMedia truck out there, remember to take a picture and send it to us! Just look for the purple banner!

See some example locations of our branding are shown below;

Rear Location

SIde Pannel Location

Where might you see our truck advertising campaigns?

Where will you see our campaigns?

Truck advertising is using commercial trucks effectivity as mobile billboards.

So where would you be most likely to see our campaigns on the road?

The answer is: Anywhere in the UK, especially near a motorway or major road.

Yes, you read that right, anywhere, you could potentially see one of our campaigns along the M1, M25 or the M62 as well as the centre of London, Manchester or Glasgow or perhaps at the end of your street! It is all dependent on our advertisers and our haulage partners, campaigns can travel nationally right across the UK from their base or around a specific area such as the Midlands.

According to Forbes, one of the key factors that determine whether an advertising campaign is ‘effective’ or not is the question is it memorable?

It is a fact that driving can be a very monotonous task for someone to undertake on a daily basis, commuting from one place to another. This boredom leads the driver to become a lot more retentive of the information provided around them. This makes truck advertising along motorways to be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your brand! A 97% recall rate from truck advertising says it all.

What we look for in our hauliers

What we look for with our haulage partner.

Truck Advertising UK

Our haulage partners are the ones who actually deliver our campaigns, more importantly, they become an extension of your brand so knowing we have the best we have the best in the business should put your mind at ease.

Here’s what we look for when choosing a haulier to deliver your campaign;


Advertising looks best when it’s clean, we’ve all seen dirty trucks on the road where you can’t tell test from dirt, dust and grime so we make sure the haulier looks after their fleet.

Ensuring a high quality of display for your advertising campaign.

Did you know contractually all of our hauliers have to clean their fleet every two weeks, but most clean them weekly if not daily? We partner with the haulier that stop their fleet from leaving the yard if they can see it has a spec of dirt on it.


We have a driving time guarantee, a minimum time your campaign has to be on the road. So we partner with hauliers who go the extra mile.

Did you know every day on average each truck in our available fleet travels 250 miles?

More miles covered means more eyeballs on your truck advertising campaign.

Driving Day

A high mileage is good but this milage has to be in the day, otherwise whats the point? Noone is going to see your campaign because it’s dark!

Our driving time guarantee is built with this in mind, only driving hours between 6 am and 7 pm count towards the total. Our competitors can’t say this (and they don’t even track the trailer!)

Why we track the trailer and not the cab?


We choose hauliers that are responsive to communication, not only does this improve our lead time, meaning you can launch your truck advertising campaign quicker.

But it also means if there is a problem, such as if the trailer has to be taken of the road for a period of time, we can tell you.

it’s no good finding out in the tracker report it missed a week if we don’t know why.


Hauliers with good reputations want to keep them. Afterall it’s taken them years of hard work to create it in the first place.


By working with these hauliers we can ensure your campaign is in good hands.

Did you know our best hauliers are paid more because they require less management on your behalf?

Logistical Slang

Logistical Slang and what they mean

During our work with our haulage partners we come across many logistical slang words, so we’ve compiled a list of them in case you hear us muttering them.

Alphabetically sorted for ease of reading

  • Backhaul or Backloading – A return load, allowing hauliers to make money from both legs of their journey.
  • Cab – The living/working area of a truck
  • Cargo – The goods within the trailer or lorry
  • Drop – A delivery
  • HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle (normally above 3.5 tonnes)
  • LGV – Light Goods Vehicle
  • Load – A pick up of goods or the cargo held within the truck
  • Multi-drop – A route with multiple deliveries, e.g Drop at Birmingham and Manchester.
  • Rigid – A lorry, cab and cargo area are permanently attached.
  • Tautliner – A curtain sided trailer.
  • Tractor unit – The part of the truck that drives the trailer.

Think we’ve missed one? let us know and we’ll add it.

How much do we depend on Uk logistics?

What would happen without Uk logistics?

Eighty-five percent of everything we buy, eat, wear and use is moved by a UK-registered lorry or trailer. Without hauliers, we’d be cold, hungry, naked and homeless.

Need we say more?

Uk haulage is critical to every industry, from the corner shop at the bottom of your road getting products on the shelves to housebuilding, getting all those materials from all over the Uk and indeed the world onto site.

Logistics is the glue that holds the economy together and it has challenges to come, which will discuss in a future blog post.

Imagine a world where nothing was delivered or transported between places, that would be a reality without Uk logistics.

Eddie Stobart Livery

End of the road for Eddie Stobart's famous livery?

A shock to every child and lorry spotter everywhere Eddie Stobart may lose its famous livery after a row with its former parent company, Stobart Group.

It’s famous green lorries and name have been retained by Stobart Group and reportedly Now, Alex Laffey, the now boss of Eddie Stobart haulage arm, (Now ESL) has been told he can use the name for £3million a year, buy the rights to it in Britain forever for £15million, or get exclusive use for £50million. If no compromise can be found it might be ditched across its 2500 stong fleet.

For lorry spotters worried about what to spot, we have a solution, our campaigns! Here’s what to look for: 

View the original article here: 

What type of vehicles are truck campaigns launched on?

What type of vehicles are truck campaigns launched on?
Action shot of our campaign

You may have learnt that a truck advertising campaign encompasses both trailers and lorries in a previous blog post. But what vehicles do we look to launch our customers on?

We believe bigger is better, so regardless the coverage you’ve requested we will find the largest vehicles to maximise the impact your campaign has.

National campaigns are always trailers because they travel the furthest and have the biggest impact on road users.

Trailer advertising campaigns spend over 80 of their driving time on motorways and A roads and a minimal amount of time in urban centres, typically under 10

Regional campaigns tend to be lorries, as lorries have a smaller operating area and can get into urban areas more easily. Economically and environmentally it’s more efficient to take 1 return trip with a trailer and cab than multiple trips with a fleet of lorries.

Lorry advertising campaigns spend less time on major roads when compared to a trailer advertising campaign however they spend much more time in population centres. Typically 55 of their driving time on Motorways and A Roads and over 30 in towns and cities.

When picking vehicles, we also consider the following;

Haulier’s reputation and respect within the industry.

Vehicle maintenance and cleanliness.

Location and typical routes.

DragonsDen – DrivenMedia

Quick Overview - DrivenMedia in the den

Ed midway though his pitch

On Sunday 11th February you might have watched the full episode of Dragons Den where we watched Ed showcase DrivenMedia to the Dragons but did he walk away with an investment?

You can watch the quick overview and find out.

Ed did it! He walked away with a £30,000 investment from Jenny Campbell. You can find DrivenMedia proudly displayed on Jenny’s website.

Want to find out Ed’s experience entering the den?

What’s it like working with a Dragon?

Find out more about DrivenMedia

The Story Behind Our Fleet

The Story Behind Our Fleet
Ed stands in front of one of DrivenMedia's new branded fleet

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asked numerous times for the reasons behind our fleet and if you missed my Article on Linked In here is an insight into our branded fleet launching across very own haulier networks.

Let’s start by turning back the clock…

Early 2017, I started introducing our truck advertising medium to outdoor media buyers and marketing agencies across the UK. It seemed logical these work on behalf of many household brands who this medium would be perfect for so having them know about us in the first step would be a start.

Most were more than happy to take information but I had a feeling it was often being filed away and never looked at again. It was difficult to see I was having an impact, it seemed I kept driving into a brick wall.

But one outdoor media agency was blunt and told me why they would never recommend it to their clients at present.

  • “I’ll never recommend truck advertising to my clients because I don’t see brands using it. I don’t see it as an option. I notice billboards hourly but not trucks.”

It seemed like a catch 22 situation how could we get the agencies onboard without advertising already on the road? The realisation struck that our strategy was all wrong. They were ignoring us because we didn’t carry any weight.

But what if their client told them they wanted truck advertising? They couldn’t ignore it and they had to at least consider it. This was against the grain of the advertising world but this is exactly what is driving our growth today.In the client-agency relationship, the client ultimately has all the power.

Brands telling their agencies “we don’t want the same as our competitors, we want something new. What about truck advertising? I’ve just seen/heard something about this media owner. Get DrivenMedia on our media plan.”

I don’t mind if they use our competitors because I’ve achieved one of my goals to increase the awareness of truck advertising.

This is stage two of that plan.

Launching our fleet. Showing how noticeable truck advertising is and the potential of the medium. In fact, within 2 days of launch, we had a lead from an advertiser who was stuck in heavy congestion on the M25.

What he didn’t know is I was in that truck, meters from him filming the trucks-eye view of those who see our adverts. More about this soon.

Perhaps the next step is to get one of our fleet to park in front of the outdoor advertising specialists offices and then waiting for them to call us…

I love showing off our fleet, so if you’d like to take a look for yourself, why not give me a call and we can arrange to see one up close.

E:[email protected]

DD: 01332 470 190

Ed Hollands

Ed Hollands stand in front of a white truck cab.

5 Truck Facts

Five facts you probably didn't know about UK logistics

Trucks are amazing! Here are five facts about the powerhouses that pull our campaigns that you probably didn’t know. If you know one of your own why not get in touch and tell us yours.

  • Eighty-five percent of everything we buy, eat, wear and use is moved by a UK-registered lorry. We’d be hungry, cold and naked without our amazing British hauliers.
  • The amount of beer carried by UK lorries in a year would be enough to fill Wembley stadium.That’s a truckload of beer.
  • The first motorised lorry was built in 1896 by Gottlieb Daimler who also produced the first motorbike and the first taxi. Don’t worry they are a lot more efficient and powerful since then.
  •  There are an estimated 285,000 HGV drivers in the UK of whom only 1.2 percent are women. There is a huge shortage of not only female drivers but also people joining the industry.
  • The word lorry was first used in English in 1838 referring to a luggage truck on a train. Some blame road transport and the increase in car ownership for the decline in the railways.

Get in touch if you know any facts of your own

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