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Ice Lolly Launch Event

A look at Ice Lolly's PR launch.

Who’d have thought turning a truck into a beach ball pit would be so much fun!

A quick look at the PR event Ice Lolly used to launch their campaign.

The event took place early July 2018 with the hashtag #blogonthebeach.

The Plan

Bring one of the trucks in their campaign to an annual event they run with bloggers and influencers.

Fill the truck with beachballs and play a game with attendees with prizes hidden inside the truck including; A holiday, a suitcase and many other prizes.

Feedback from attendees was brilliant and Ice  Lolly may run similar events during the campaign with other trucks in their campaign. Keep an eye on their social media if you’d like to be involved in the next one.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about this launch event.

Selection of social media reactions and photos below;

AdCast E5

AdCast Episode 5 - 12th July 2018

Thank you for listening to AdCast and huge apologies its taken so long to get from episode 4 to episode 5.

Ed was consumed by getting Ice Lolly‘s campaign and PR event ready for last week and just couldn’t fit in the time to plan and record an episode.

Anchor nearly managed a full episode too, Ed blames Gurdas going on a rant at Uber!

In this week’s episode we discuss;

  • Campaigns review:  Hyundai: Turning Heads
  • Campaigns review: Paddy Power
  • Campaigns review: Screwfix
  • Campaigns review: Facebook

Got something we should cover?  [email protected]



Till next time!

Ice Lolly

Ice Lolly's Truck Advertising Campaign


Campaign Length: 12 months

Number of trucks: multiple and continually growing

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: July 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launched at an event with industry bloggers, effectively turning their truck into a massive ball pit with beachballs.

Each truck was named after a destination, see a few examples from their campaign below.

Algarve - Ice Lolly Truck Advertising

Benidorm - Ice Lolly Truck Advertising

Other's in the Ice Lolly Fleet

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