Logistical Slang

Logistical Slang and what they mean

During our work with our haulage partners we come across many logistical slang words, so we’ve compiled a list of them in case you hear us muttering them.

Alphabetically sorted for ease of reading

  • Backhaul or Backloading – A return load, allowing hauliers to make money from both legs of their journey.
  • Cab – The living/working area of a truck
  • Cargo – The goods within the trailer or lorry
  • Drop – A delivery
  • HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle (normally above 3.5 tonnes)
  • LGV – Light Goods Vehicle
  • Load – A pick up of goods or the cargo held within the truck
  • Multi-drop – A route with multiple deliveries, e.g Drop at Birmingham and Manchester.
  • Rigid – A lorry, cab and cargo area are permanently attached.
  • Tautliner – A curtain sided trailer.
  • Tractor unit – The part of the truck that drives the trailer.

Think we’ve missed one? let us know and we’ll add it.

How much do we depend on Uk logistics?

What would happen without Uk logistics?

Eighty-five percent of everything we buy, eat, wear and use is moved by a UK-registered lorry or trailer. Without hauliers, we’d be cold, hungry, naked and homeless.

Need we say more?

Uk haulage is critical to every industry, from the corner shop at the bottom of your road getting products on the shelves to housebuilding, getting all those materials from all over the Uk and indeed the world onto site.

Logistics is the glue that holds the economy together and it has challenges to come, which will discuss in a future blog post.

Imagine a world where nothing was delivered or transported between places, that would be a reality without Uk logistics.

Snow and logisitics

How snow affects Uk logistics
Snow covered Motorway in North Wales

Last week saw the Uk grind to a halt as heavy snow fell, costing the UK economy an estimated Billion pounds a day!

But what does the haulage industry do? They can’t exactly work from home after all.

I proud to say that most of our hauliers reported that they still made their deliveries, in most cases a lot slower than normal.

And the UK should be thankful that they did because otherwise, the supermarket shortages we saw late Friday would be far more widespread across multiple sectors.

Supermarkets, for example, depend on multiple daily deliveries of fresh produce and perishables. Bread, milk or fruit and vegetables for example. You’d soon notice as we all did last week if one of these deliveries is missed.

Roling that out across other industries, where UK manufacturing relies on Just in time delivery, any delay can mean a costly factory shut down.

Eighty-five percent of everything we buy, eat, wear and use is moved by a UK-registered lorry or trailer, so it’s time we showed the industry the respect it deserves rather than moaning because your favourite biscuits are out of stock.

Without UK logistics our buy it when I want it, where I want it lifestyle just won’t work.

KFC – #NoChicken

Why KFC #NoChicken highlights the complexity of Logistics

Unless you’ve been abducted by aliens you’d have heard about KFC here in the UK running out of chicken. How can a chicken shop run out of Chicken!

The story was picked up around the world and to be fair, KFC handled the backlash well, publishing this advert a few days after it all started. At the time of writing about 3 of it’s 900 outlets are still closed.

KFC blamed its new supplier, DHL for the mix-up and supply issues.

It’s unclear what went wrong, it could have been a warehouse registration issue (Saftey Standards), an operational issue (Getting the right stock to the right shop) or a driver supply issue (simply having the right staff to load, drive or deliver the chicken.)

Whatever the issue, it’s clear we depend on Uk logistics, without them we wouldn’t be able to eat fried chicken when we want it!

Logistics is harder than it looks, especially when you add in a cold chain element. Bear that in mind next time a truck driver upsets you.

Hopefully, more blog posts like this to follow, showing how much UK PLC depends on its haulage industry to keep it moving.

Breaking News Update:

After writing, KFC has reinstated Bidvest it’s original supplier  for up to 350 of its outlets in the North of England and Wales

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