Truck Advertising for Viola Corporate

Viola Corporate's Truck Advertising Campaign

Truck advertising for The Funky Iron Company.

The Funky Iron Company's Truck Advertising Campaign

Where might you see our truck advertising campaigns?

Where will you see our campaigns?

Truck advertising is using commercial trucks effectivity as mobile billboards.

So where would you be most likely to see our campaigns on the road?

The answer is: Anywhere in the UK, especially near a motorway or major road.

Yes, you read that right, anywhere, you could potentially see one of our campaigns along the M1, M25 or the M62 as well as the centre of London, Manchester or Glasgow or perhaps at the end of your street! It is all dependent on our advertisers and our haulage partners, campaigns can travel nationally right across the UK from their base or around a specific area such as the Midlands.

According to Forbes, one of the key factors that determine whether an advertising campaign is ‘effective’ or not is the question is it memorable?

It is a fact that driving can be a very monotonous task for someone to undertake on a daily basis, commuting from one place to another. This boredom leads the driver to become a lot more retentive of the information provided around them. This makes truck advertising along motorways to be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your brand! A 97% recall rate from truck advertising says it all.

Moose Juice on a truck

Moose Juice's (Harper Innovations') Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Muscle Moose – Moose Juice

Format: Rear only

Campaign Length: 3 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide -M1, M6 focus.

Launch Date: October 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Profile My Driver Truck Rear Advertising Campaign

Profile My Driver Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Profile My Driver

N.o trucks: 3

Format: Rear only (with Artificial Flush Rears)

Campaign Length: 3 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: October 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Profile My Driver Truck 2
Danny fromm PMDand Ed from Dm stand in front of Profile my Driver truck 3

Video: Artifical flush installation for Profile My Driver

Truck Advertising Formats: Rear Only

A look at Full Wrap truck advertising campaigns

Rear only truck advertising

Truck advertising can be hard to get your head around if you’ve only recently come across the medium.

Here’s a quick guide into rear only campaigns; what they are, why choose them and of course some example client campaigns.

What is a rear only truck advertising campaign?

A rear only campaign is a simple as it sounds, both the back doors of a truck.

it’s one of our most popular truck advertising formats.

Why choose Rears' only in your advertising campaign

Rear only adverts have an incredible average dwell time of 48 seconds for following motorists, this space can also accommodate longer copy. Ideal for product placement or “action statements”.

Client examples

Truck Advertising Formats: Full Wrap

A look at Full Wrap truck advertising campaigns

Broadcast Advertising with DrivenMedia

Truck advertising can be hard to get your head around if you’ve only recently come across the medium.

Here’s a quick guide into full wraps; what they are, why choose them and of course some examples.

What is a full wrap truck advertising campaign?

Full wrap template

A full wrap is essential the whole trailer, both sides and the rear doors.

Nice a simple, it’s a full advertising wrap of the trailer.

See example template.

Why choose Full Wrap's in your advertising campaign

Full wraps are the best of both parts of the truck, large branding spaces on the side for high impact advertising combined with the rear panel with an incredible dwell time of 48 seconds.

The perfect medium to dominate the road, space your competitors are overlooking in their media plans!

So get ahead, go up a gear and get your advertising moving with DrivenMedia. Find out more.


Ways you can reach a motorway audience

Looking to reach the motorway with your advertising?

Looking to reach the motorway with your advertising?

There’s no better medium than truck advertising, the medium that gets in the same traffic as your ideal client.

unmissable impact, high reach and extremely cost-effective.

But how else could you reach those on the motorway?

Service Station Adverts

Get people as they go to the loo or refuel (Themselves or the car), but what happens if they don’t stop?

In our view, it doesn’t reach enough of the motorway audience to be efficient on its own.

An epic combo would be to use truck advertising to hit everyone during the traffic and a knockout blow of service station adverts as they rest and try and outwait the traffic.

Motorway Adverts

A grey area of the law, old trailers parked in farmers fields with adverts on.

Are they in the places you need them? – Probably not.

How do you know they’re going to be looked after?  -Probably not.

Is it worth the risk? That’s up to you.

Get your adverts moving with the traffic with DrivenMedia.


As we’ve mentioned before truck advertising has a great synergy with radio advertising.

But radio requires you to be listening to the right radio station as that’s assuming you have enough signal, most motorways are in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest transmitter, all it takes is a hill or a few trees and *crackle*, *Pop*, *hiss* during your advert.

Get the ultimate combo, a big truck to drive home the message that’ll hear another time.

Truck Advertising

Saving the best for last, although we are very biased!

Truck advertising can spend up to 90% of it’s driving time on motorways, hitting over 55,000 highly receptive motorists during this time.

They’re impactful and hard to miss, with a 97% recall rate.

What other medium hits motorists like truck advertising?

TV Advertising

TV advertising vs Truck advertising... What format performs the best?

TV advertising the wonderchild in advertising. It’s often seen as the ultimate goal of any aspiring marketer, but how does it compare to truck advertising?

DrivenMedia’s guide to comparing truck advertising to other common formats, Including Bus Advertising and 48 Sheet Billboards.

In this guide, we compare truck advertising to TV advertising, as you might have already guessed. Tv advertising is a huge medium for those who use broadcast advertising.

We’ll look at how they compare on;

  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Advertising Environment
  • Target Coverage Area
  • Demographics
  • Key stats (Reach, Dwell Time and recall)

Cost Comparison

As you might know, truck advertising is incredibly cost-efficient, having an average CPM of less than £0.75p. If you need a recap on CPM this previous blog post covers this.

TV advertising, on the other hand, has a CPM of £14-15. For this, it’s only conventional TV advertising and not using your tv advert on say YouTube.

This means per pound spent you getting at best 20 times the reach with truck advertising. Your advertising budget goes further with DrivenMedia.

We should add that TV advertising has a much stronger record in the advertising world compared to truck advertising which could mean the price reflects this. But we’re determined to change truck advertising’s record. After all, Peter Jones (BBC Dragons Den Dragon) Said: “It is a medium for the future”!

Advertising Environment

With TV advertising being on your TV and not a conventional part of Out Of home (OOH) advertising, we thought it would be unfair to compare the size of adverts, as it depends on the size of your TV!

So instead of a break from the normal format we use to compare advertising formats, we’re going to look at the advertising environment.

Truck advertising is an underused format and motorists don’t see trucks as mobile billboards hence they are highly receptive to this medium. When you combine this with the Motorway environment being mostly media free apart from the farmers’ fields adverts you see Truck advertising is a very strong medium to make an impact on people in their day to day lives. Trucks by there nature are huge so naturally are unmissable on your drive.

Just how big are our adverts?  

TV advertising environment, on the other hand, depends on who you speak to.  We as a nation are consuming more, the first half of 2016 the average viewer watched 2 hours 24 minutes of commercial TV a day. That’s approximately 45 TV advertisements during that period.

However new technology means adverts can be fast-forwarded, meaning many thousands of viewers are not even seeing your adverts because they just want to watch their program and they can skip it.

TV advertising is also quite cluttered and loud you either need a huge budget or an incredibly creative advert to break through the noise. One of our clients was spending over half a million pounds on TV Advertising and not seeing anything from it. Their test campaign with us is due to launch soon and we can’t wait to compare how they performed.

Coverage Area

These are two completely different mediums, which makes them hard to directly compare.

Trucks can reach a wide geographic area on a daily basis across either a national or regional basis. National campaigns are delivered by HGV trailers and regional by lorries.

Campaigns on trailers travel further, and lorries have more urban reach. Want to find out more Does truck advertising reach urban areas?

The cost for truck advertising stays broadly the same however you target your campaign from the UK as a whole, England or a region such as the Midlands. We should add that southern based campaigns increase the costs slightly.

Trailer and lorry advertising areaTV Advertising has broadly the same split, you can target The Uk as a whole as well as individual postcode areas. this selection heavily affects the cost.  A national campaign will cost more than a regional one.


As we’ve established truck and TV advertising reach broadly the same people at different times

In general, DrivenMedia can get your brand in front of a young, mobile, mostly male audience from all backgrounds. ABC1 is the demographic category as the National Travel Survey published by the Department for Transport found that those with higher disposable incomes are more reliant on their cars.

Find out more about the audience DrivenMedia can put you in front off.

Tv Advertising can be more focused as there are thousands of channels. with there own set of demographics.

Key Statistics - Reach, Dwell Time and Recall

DrivenMedia put’s your brand in front of a highly receptive audience on their commute. The best way for you to understand the potential of truck advertising is to watch this video.

Why did we film it? 

Truck advertising’s opportunity to see varies based on location, London, M25 is going to be far higher than for example the Hebrides in Scotland. In this case M25/London our campaign delivered over 100,000 impressions and had a dwell time of 111 seconds (just under 2 minutes).

On average we expect your campaign to be seen by 55,000 people on a daily basis with the rear panel having a dwell time on average of 48 seconds.

Impact-wise truck advertising can be recalled by about 97 of people who have seen it for about 2 weeks. Meaning they are far more likely to be influenced by other mediums as you’ve already got in their head.

TV Advertising depends on the channel and timings of your advert if it’s just after X-factor it can be millions in one go. Recall can be an issue as X-Factor slots are highly regarded, so you either need a huge budget to force people to remember or it needs to be really creative that people want to watch it.


In the battle of Truck vs TV advertising, truck advertising has come out on top for national campaigns and the jury is still out on regional campaigns.

  • Truck advertising has a higher cost efficiency, costing on average £0.75 per thousand people reached.
  • Our trucks are unmissable and reach a highly receptive audience
  • DrivenMedia reaches one of the most densely populated road networks in Europe and yet still deliver urban coverage.
  • Truck advertising reaches a more mobile affluent audience.
  • The reach, dwell time and recall of truck advertising makes it stand out compared to national TV advertising.

Do you think we’re right? Challange us by getting in touch.

Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast Advertising in an Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Broadcast Advertising with DrivenMedia

What is Broadcast advertising

Broadcast advertising seems so simple, you broadcast a message on radio or TV to thousands of people right?

Technically that’s right but in reality, a wide range of advertising can be used as a broadcast medium. It’s about getting as many people to see a message as possible as quickly as possible.

Your interpretation depends on the industry, so within outdoor advertising (OOH), broadcast advertising means broadcasting a brand message across the UK, attempting to reach as many people as possible as quickly as they can.

Outdoor Advertising Broadcast Fromats

Now, remember broadcast advertising is all about getting as many people (Eyeballs) to look at your message over a set period.

Also remember it depends on your creative, for example, a portrait advert fits really well on the truck rear panel, not so great on a 48 sheet.

Other things to consider include;

  • Your Timeframe – Some formats have longer lead times and ideal campaign lengths. For example, a time-limited offer that launches today but needs to go in 2 weeks is brilliant for 48/96 sheets, not so great for bus advertising.
  • Your Budget – How much do you want to spend? Sure 500, 48 sheets does the job but could 50 fully wrapped trucks in a 12-month truck advertising campaign reach the reach more people more often.
  • Frequency – This leads us onto frequency quite nicely, how often do you want your advert to be seen? Traditional outdoor advertising formats may need to be seen up to 2o times before it makes an impact, but this changes based on your message and the format.
  • Dwell Time – Some messages a brilliant for a short burst of exposure, other need a lot longer for someone to take them in. Bear this in mind when booking an outdoor format for your broadcast campaign.

How Does Truck Advertising Fit in?

Truck advertising is a fantastic broadcast advertising tool, a single truck on average reaches  55,000 people every single day. Our recent video proved that actually, it could be far in excess of this. Watch Now.

Imagine how many 25, 50 or even a 100 trucks could reach, every day or over the campaign length.

Truck advertising is a true broadcast advertising medium because it reaches everywhere across the country, nearly every demographic and and unavailable and unmissable.


Have we missed something or do you have a burning question?

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