Making an national impact

Achieving impact nationally with truck advertising

Creating a national impact with Truck Advertising.

You may know we have a Q&A feature on our blog, answering some particularly tough questions from our customers and potential customers.

The latest addition is “how can truck advertising achieve the scale and impact of a national 48 Sheet advertising campaign? – Effectively asking how do you create a national advertising campaign with truck advertising ”

Now the answer ultimately depends on your budget and your timescales. A 100 trucks with your branding on is quickly going to be seen by a large percentage of the UK population and will do the job. National advertising on a huge scale. But that’s going to be out of range for a lot of businesses, you don’t need that many trucks.

Equally, we need to compare posting times, 48 sheets typically have a posting cycle of 2 weeks whereas fully wrapped truck campaigns have an average campaign length of 6-12 months.

Where do we start to answer this question?

Now, let’s cover a few assumptions. A national advertising campaign focusses on major conurbations such as Manchester, Birmingham etc (Particularly outdoor advertising. We’re assuming it’s broadcast advertising campaign. The locations booked are on busy commuter routes, so likely to be seen at least once a day by commuters either on the way to or from work. High frequency but potentially not high reach as the same people see it a few times.

Using or GPS data we know our trucks are on these roads regularly, take this one for example. Over a month a single truck reached several different cities across the Uk including Manchester, Sheffield and London. Read More – Can Truck Advertising Reach Urban Areas? Essentially one truck has done the job of many static 48 sheets and it’s reached vast swathes of the country static outdoor advertising can’t reach. Truck advertising has high reach but low frequency. Most people will see the truck one maybe twice unless you have 10-25 trucks trucks in your campaign.  Equally, we could argue that a person has to see the truck one to recall the advert as 97 of impacts can recall a truck advert up to 2 weeks after exposure, so you require less frequency than a static poster.

If you need any proof of the Reach and Dwell time of truck advertising, this video sums up how we calculate it and what you can expect. – Reach and Dwell Time Video

GPS tracker Extracts for 1 month

So what does this mean?

It’s not a fair comparison. It depends how you want to define success with your national advertising, is it brand awareness, the number of times a specific action was performed or the reaction on social media.

This outcome will decide which format of OOH advertising is best for you for your national advertising campaign.

If you’d like to learn how truck advertising can support your national outdoor advertising efforts. Get in touch with the team, they’d be happy to help.

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Truck Advertising Lead time

What's the lead time for a truck advertising campaign?
Ed stands in front of a campaign mid-installation.

This is a question that we are commonly asked by our customers, various factors influence lead time but the main factor is the truck advertising format you choose for your outdoor advertising campaign.

Just so you know our campaigns are built to withstand the harsh road environment and have a lifespan of much longer then you’ll need them, typically five years. Why’s that? So you can extend your campaign without needed to pay for production again.


  • Full Wraps

On average our full wrap campaigns, take three weeks from artwork confirmation to being installed and being ready to go. The slowest element of the process is the creation of your trailer curtains as these have to be printed, lacquered, internal webbing stitched in and the buckles attached.

  • Rears

Rear only advertisements are much quicker to install, they are just the back doors after all. As this just digitally printed vinyl, it can be printed under 48 hours and be on your truck within a week.


Other factors that influence the lead time of your campaign include;

Before Artwork Acceptance

These are the stages before our official lead period, that you might want to take into account.

  • Artwork quality

Artwork tends to be the main delay in launching campaign, this why we have an artwork proof stage and is no longer part of this process. A truck is a massive space, bigger then you think. We’re here to help if you’re stuck, we want your campaign to look fantastic after all.

  • Planning

Booking your campaign in advance especially the larger ones allows us to optimise our production process to minimise delays in getting your campaign on the road.

During The Print Process

  • Campaign Payment

We normally won’t launch a campaign unless your campaign has a been fully paid up. This is because of the short-term costs we face when purchasing all the materials to launch your campaign, launching your campaign without payment puts extended pressure on our cash flow.

Of course, if you’re having issues paying for your campaign, talk to us we’re a friendly bunch and can go ahead with a guarantee or delay your campaign without further costs.

  • The number of advertising trailers in your campaign

Having more trailers means we can bulk manufacture your campaign meaning your campaign can be optimised through the production process and reducing the lead time of your campaign on a per trailer basis.

  • Hauliers

During some busy periods of the year, like just before Christmas, we struggle to get a hold of your trailers to install your advertising material because they’re just so busy.

If you still have a question about lead times, get in touch!

How Much Does Truck Advertising Cost?

How Much Does Truck Advertising Cost?
Ed stands in front of a campaign mid-installation.

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and the answer really depends on what you are looking to do.

For instance, the price varies based on some of the following factors;

  • Campaign Length  

Truck advertising is going to cost slightly more the longer you run it, unfortunately, our hauliers don’t allow free use of their fleet.

The flip side, of course, is more people will see your advert the longer you run it.

Our experience shows us that rear only format campaigns should be run for a minimum of 3 months and full wraps for a minimum of 6 months.

  • Number of Trucks

Depending on the area you’re looking at, multiple lorry adverts means a far more effective advert as more people are seeing your campaign and there is a greater chance that people will see your campaign multiple times.

Do remember when booking any form of advertising multiple impacts may be needed to have the desired effect. Brains work in mysterious ways!

We’re more than happy to advise a number of campaign trailers based on your desired campaign weighting. (Light, medium, heavy, super heavy etc)

  • Truck Advertising Format

As touched on truck advertising has multiple formats, our most popular include; fully wrapped trucks, and rear only campaigns.

A fully wrapped truck comes with two impressive branding spaces on the side of the lorry for passing traffic and a rear panel for traffic following behind. It’s the best space to get your self-noticed as the truck looks and feels like your own. As you’d expect production and rental costs are higher, but they are more cost-effective in the long run with a cost per thousand lower than any other format.

A rear only campaign is what it says on the tin, just the rear doors. Doesn’t seem much but thats until you realise they have an impressive dwell time of 48 seconds at a time when drivers following behind are extremely receptive to advertising. These are perfect for launching trial campaigns to test the motorways as they have a quicker return on investment.

  • Campaign Area

Normally for simplicity, we like to keep our pricing the same regardless of where your campaign targets, however, be aware that campaigns across the south of England may have a higher price per trailer. When booking we will advise based on your requirements and budget.


As you’ve just learnt there are lots of elements to consider when putting a price together for your campaign, and that’s just the basics. The best way for us to create a campaign is to speak to you over the phone. Why not give us a call today on 01332 416 449 to discuss your requirements.

Does truck advertising reach urban areas?

Does truck advertising reach urban areas?


We’ve had a question submitted by Jack from Screwfix;


“Do you think that truck advertising has its main benefits just on the motorway or could it be expanded to hit consumers who don’t spend much time on motorways?”

While Jack is correct trailers, the main bulk of our available fleet, do spend approximately 80 of their driving time on motorways and other major roads, to do reach into urban areas with a number of ways;

  • The first and most obvious is the trailer actually driving into towns and cities, all urban areas have roads that transport firms need to use to make deliveries. They simply wouldn’t be able to cope with the volume of traffic without them and businesses wouldn’t be able to have deliveries of stock and supplies. Our Gps trackers show this, one of our campaigns has been into central London during rush hour, how much would you pay for this on one day alone?
  • The second is by social sharing, this is the use of social media to share images of the campaign. This has been used by some of our advertisers with great success. This amplifies the reach of the campaign far beyond what can be achieved with a lorry advertising campaign alone.
  • Related and far harder to track is the word of mouth around our campaigns. Consumers directly exposed to your trailer advertising campaign talking about it at work, at the gym or even at the pub. Imagine that your brand being discussed at the dinner table.
  • You may not ever drive on a motorway but one of our trucks could still visit you at your place of work. This advantage is because we work with curtain sided trailers and smaller hauliers who in turn work with smaller businesses.

If you’ve got a question you’d like answered, get in touch.

One of our campaigns in Central London

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