Profile My Driver Truck Rear Advertising Campaign

Profile My Driver Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Profile My Driver

N.o trucks: 3

Format: Rear only (with Artificial Flush Rears)

Campaign Length: 3 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: October 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Profile My Driver Truck 2
Danny fromm PMDand Ed from Dm stand in front of Profile my Driver truck 3

Video: Artifical flush installation for Profile My Driver

Truck Advertising Formats

The formats you can choose for your truck advertising campaign

Truck advertising formats! It’s a tricky question we ask our clients.

Do they want a full wrap or a rear only campaign?

A single format or a hybrid campaign?

So we’ve created this mini-guide to walk you through each format and how hybrid campaigns work.

Enjoy, click below to find out more about each.

Truck Advertising Lead time

What's the lead time for a truck advertising campaign?
Ed stands in front of a campaign mid-installation.

This is a question that we are commonly asked by our customers, various factors influence lead time but the main factor is the truck advertising format you choose for your outdoor advertising campaign.

Just so you know our campaigns are built to withstand the harsh road environment and have a lifespan of much longer then you’ll need them, typically five years. Why’s that? So you can extend your campaign without needed to pay for production again.


  • Full Wraps

On average our full wrap campaigns, take three weeks from artwork confirmation to being installed and being ready to go. The slowest element of the process is the creation of your trailer curtains as these have to be printed, lacquered, internal webbing stitched in and the buckles attached.

  • Rears

Rear only advertisements are much quicker to install, they are just the back doors after all. As this just digitally printed vinyl, it can be printed under 48 hours and be on your truck within a week.


Other factors that influence the lead time of your campaign include;

Before Artwork Acceptance

These are the stages before our official lead period, that you might want to take into account.

  • Artwork quality

Artwork tends to be the main delay in launching campaign, this why we have an artwork proof stage and is no longer part of this process. A truck is a massive space, bigger then you think. We’re here to help if you’re stuck, we want your campaign to look fantastic after all.

  • Planning

Booking your campaign in advance especially the larger ones allows us to optimise our production process to minimise delays in getting your campaign on the road.

During The Print Process

  • Campaign Payment

We normally won’t launch a campaign unless your campaign has a been fully paid up. This is because of the short-term costs we face when purchasing all the materials to launch your campaign, launching your campaign without payment puts extended pressure on our cash flow.

Of course, if you’re having issues paying for your campaign, talk to us we’re a friendly bunch and can go ahead with a guarantee or delay your campaign without further costs.

  • The number of advertising trailers in your campaign

Having more trailers means we can bulk manufacture your campaign meaning your campaign can be optimised through the production process and reducing the lead time of your campaign on a per trailer basis.

  • Hauliers

During some busy periods of the year, like just before Christmas, we struggle to get a hold of your trailers to install your advertising material because they’re just so busy.

If you still have a question about lead times, get in touch!

Artificial Flush Rear

Our Latest Innovation;
Artificial Flush Rears

If you’ve ever been behind a truck you would have noticed not all of them are kind to your creative on the rear. Those dam bars get in the way.

Not anymore, thanks to a collaboration between ourselves and Maneta Signs creating an artificial flush surface for your advert to sit on over the existing trailer bars.

The truck’s doors still function as normal, our hauliers’ drivers can open and close the back doors with ease.

Currently, this is available as an add-on option but in time this will become standard on all our installations.

For a behind the scenes look please click here.

Keep your eyes peeled…

Forget Eddie Stobart spotting...
DrivenMedia Guerilla Campaign

Next time your driving, keep your eyes open because if you lucky or drive an awful lot you’ll spot DrivenMedia on trucks. There will be a total of 449 of our little stickers coming to Uk roads over the coming weeks. 

Spread the word, we want to know what the most far-flung place people have seen it! (There will be a prize in it.) Leave a comment below with where you spotted it.

An ever-growing gallery will capture some of our guerilla adverts.

By the way: Putting A3 stickers on the back of trucks is harder than it looks! 

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