Beechwood Derby Truck Advertising

Beechwood's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Beechwood Mazda

Format: Rear only

Campaign Length: 3 months

Coverage Area: Derby/Derbyshire

Launch Date: April 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Truck rear for Beechwood Mazda FUll reflective print.

Watch this installation in timelapse

The uncertainty of a no deal Brexit for lorry drivers

The uncertainty of a no deal Brexit for lorry drivers?

Whilst lots of people are sick of hearing the word Brexit, and have switched off from the constant to’ing and fro’ing, and cries of deal or no deal, there are those industries who will be heavily impacted and are waiting impatiently to find out their fate.  None more so than the haulage and logistics industry.

As a sector, Haulage and logistics is the fifth largest employer in the UK, employing more than 2.5m people across the country.  Nearly half a million commercial vehicles over 3.5tonnes are registered in the UK and this all amounts to a massive £124bn GVA to the UK economy.

At present, those firms wishing to deliver goods outside our borders and across to Europe can do so with little fanfare; there is the obligatory queuing at Dover to deal with from time to time, and the requirement to carry a community licence which entitles delivery abroad. However, these are not deterrents; they are part and parcel of the status quo, and hauliers have been able to choose whether or not to work internationally based on a number of factors not restricted by red tape and bureaucracy.

Yes, an agreement on withdrawal does promise a status quo whilst Britain works out the new trade relationships with our counterparts across the English Channel.  That said, a no deal Brexit seems to loom ever closer and the only certainty for this industry is a near future of uncertainty.

There are a number of solutions that are being explored at present; the possibility of European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permits being allocated to the UK seems a reasonable option.  But these are currently limited in number, and when we have seen – in 2019 to date – more than 11,000 applications for the less than 1000 permits available alarm bells seem to ring louder, not be lessened by this option.  More permits should become available, but ultimately it looks like this option causes more paperwork, more competition and no guarantee that existing work can continue; a headache hauliers will want to avoid.

Another solution, proposed by the European Commission is to allow a “you scratch our back, and we will scratch yours” scenario whereby UK lorries may continue – with some restriction – to deliver to Europe providing we allow something similar that means our European counterparts may continue to deliver to the UK.  Whilst potentially involving less bureaucracy and paperwork than a permit based solution, this is only a short term fix and doesn’t appear to be backed up by any long term plans that would give cause for a sigh of relief.

Neither of these solutions appears ideal, and there are further headaches for hauliers to consider; different licences, different registrations, different forms and papers to complete at the borders.  All of this means that the industry needs something new.  They need a fresh, imaginative way to turn away from the doom and gloom of Brexit, and something that will give them new income streams and will reinvigorate the industry.

And here is where DrivenMedia has an opportunity for hauliers.  It may mitigate against some of the additional costs that loom when delivering to Europe, and it may even give companies cause to re-examine the value of domestic deliveries.

DrivenMedia is a young, ambitious company founded by Ed Hollands in 2017 that is all about looking for new solutions and thinking outside the box.  We provide the opportunity for companies to advertise on the side or back of trucks in order for them to be seen up and down the roads of this country as the lorries that carry their message go about their everyday business.

We have plenty of companies wanting to take advantage of this opportunity but we can only do so by working with more hauliers and having more trucks available to advertise upon.  We want to find new haulage partners who recognise the opportunity to their business that we can offer, and who have trucks silently driving up and down the country without being noticed by the millions around them.

Brexit may still be deal or no deal, but the best part for us is that we don’t really mind.  If we find ourselves in a situation whereby a deal is done then we will continue to help hauliers maximise the income from their fleets.  But if we do see a “No Deal” then we are excited to be offering something to ease the headaches of our hauliers.

With this in mind, put Brexit to the back of your thoughts and get in touch.  We’d love to talk more about how we can help you!

How to spot a DrivenMedia campaign

DrivenMedia Spotting

Truck Advertising UK

DrivenMedia, one of the fastest growing truck advertising companies since launching back in 2015. They have now amassed over 50 active trucks in their fleet by 2019.

The question is how to spot a DrivenMedia Campaign?

The answer? Simply drive along the motorways in the UK and there is a possibility for you to see one of these trucks yourself. The more you drive and the more trucks we launch the more chance you have of seeing one.

As they move, sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time.

But how can you tell?

When you see a truck with a company branded all over it, there is a high likelihood of it being one of ours.

Just have an eye out for the DrivenMedia logo placed on the rear or the side bars of a truck.  The location of our logo will vary depending on the company and what sort of advertisement they wanted. A full wrap advertisement covering the entire truck or just a rear advertisement covering just the back of the truck. Alternatively, check out our clients and see for yourself. (not all of our trucks have our stickers on… someone… Ed… forgot to bring our stickers!)

Even though we have trucks on pretty much any motorway across the UK. If you want to increase your chances of seeing one of our trucks then, drive along these specific motorways the M1, M6 and the M25, as they have a higher frequency of DrivenMedia trucks.

If you see a DrivenMedia truck out there, remember to take a picture and send it to us! Just look for the purple banner!

See some example locations of our branding are shown below;

Rear Location

SIde Pannel Location

Truck Advertising for Hippo

Hippo's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Hippo

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: February 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Hippo's truck advertising

Truck Advertising for Nylacast

Nylacast's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Nylacast

Format: Rear Only

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: January 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Truck Advertising for Equipsme

Equipsme's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Equipsme

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: January 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photos below

truck advertising campaign for equipsme

Ice Lolly on a truck?

Seen Ice Lolly on a truck?

Ice Lolly Truck Advertising

Since July 2018, Ice Lolly’s fleet has started to hit the road to drive their OOH (Out of home) advertising out on the road for the coming year.

Find out more about Ice Lolly’s Campaign

So who are Ice Lolly?

Ice Lolly is a fast growing holiday comparison website in the UK. Their service is to help you find and compare deals on package holidays so that you can have a memorable once in a lifetime holiday with a very reasonable price.

With over 10 years of experience within the industry, they are a company with the expertise, experience, and knowledge to help find your ideal holiday.

You might have seen them sponsoring popular programs such as  Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Deal or No Deal and Catchphrase. Now you can see them on the road!

Their truck advertisement

The way Ice Lolly launched their truck advertising campaign was something we have never seen before. It was a launch event held for industry bloggers which included a truck that was filled with beach balls, games to be played and prizes to be won.  The feedback received was a success making it a potential recurring event with plans to roll it out to shopping centres which you wouldn’t want to miss!

Their trucks will be driving in and around key regions in the UK including, London, Cardiff, Manchester, and Glasgow. With plans to increase the number of their trucks on the road, you will be sure to see one of Ice Lolly’s trucks on your path very soon.

Written on behalf of DrivenMedia By Alex Chan

Truck Advertising campaign for Ram Energy

Ram Energy's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Ram Energy

Format: Rear only

Campaign Length: 12 months

Coverage Area: Derbyshire/Derby

Launch Date: January 2019

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

First Look at Ram Energy's truck advertising campaign

Truck Advertising for Viola Corporate

Viola Corporate's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: Viola Corporate

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Length: 3 months

Coverage Area: Wales

Launch Date: December 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photo below

Viola Corporate truck advertising

Truck advertising for The Funky Iron Company.

The Funky Iron Company's Truck Advertising Campaign

Client: The Funky Iron Company

Format: Full Wrap

Campaign Lenth: 12 months

Coverage Area: Uk Wide

Launch Date: November 2018

Miles covered: Ongoing.

Launch photos below

Funky Iron Truck Side
Funky Iron truck Rear
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