Let your fleet earn an income for you

What you have to do

Simply allow us to place advertising on your fleet while you drive around completing deliveries as normal, all with minimal disruption to your existing operations.

If your fleets are constantly on the road and kept in good condition, we want to work with you.

These include:
Keeping our GPS trackers on your fleet charged.
Keep to the minimum drive times, averaged over the life of the campaign.
Keeping your fleet and the advert in a clean and well-maintained state.
Allow us access to your fleet to measure, install and remove advertising as appropriate.
Keep us in the loop with any changes.

How Does It Work?

Brand Association
While brands benefit from the miles your fleet covers and the people who see it, your brand can also benefit from being associated with the advertiser. To an outsider, it may look like you’ve just won a big contract with them.
An Extra Income
We pay our hauliers for hosting advertisers and driving them around the country, the further you drive, the happier the client (and us!); all with minimum destruction to your operations.

This income can be spent on anything. Some of our hauliers use it to top up their pension, increase their fleet, or splash out on something they enjoy.

Save Money
An advertiser buys new trailer or lorry curtains specifically for your fleet for the duration of the campaign. Measured by our suppliers, free of charge. Meaning your existing curtains last longer and saving you the expense of buying new ones.

Our suppliers may also offer you a discount based on the fact you're working with us.

You're In Control
Before your fleet is selected for a campaign or part campaign, you can choose not to accept the advertiser.

You can also impose a restriction on the number of trucks we can use within your fleet, as you may want some of your fleet to display your branding.

How Much Can I Earn?

We normally have set rates based on the type of trucks you can offer and the coverage these can provide. Whilst we prefer to stick to these we’re more than happy to come to individual arrangements.

Full Wraps

A campaign using both sides and the rear of your lorry or trailer.

£1000 per 12 months

Per trailer travelling nationwide we normally pay £1000 per 12 months.

Campaigns shorter than 12 months can pay more per month based on the increased disruption caused.

Rear Only

A campaign using only the rear doors of your trailer or lorry.

£500 per 12 months

Per trailer travelling nationwide, we normally offer our haulage partners £500 per 12 months.

Campaigns shorter than 12 months may pay more per month based on the increased disruption caused.

Fleet owner, NorthEast

The earning potential is huge, I have 100 trailers,
that’s potentially a £100,000 extra into the business that I can use to grow our operations.

Small operator, Midlands

Ed’s and his team are super friendly to deal with, always happy to work around our jobs.