Advertising That Goes Further

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  • The key to successful advertising is building your brand; to do this you need
    long term advertising to create brand recognition.
  • We tailor a package that best suits your needs and the results you expect, to
    create short term sales and long term recognition of your brand.
  • Lorry and trailer advertising is the perfect long term advertising solution, as
    shown in the breakdown below:

A Lasting Impression

Truck advertising leaves the impression that you own an expensive fleet, are employing people and are making deliveries in that area. Building links between the community and your brand, creating a personal connection and making them more likely to buy from you.

Uninterrupted Landscape

Those adverts you see alongside the carriageway are actually a grey area in the law! You and your business can be prosecuted for advertising there. This is why our solution is perfect, it puts your brand on a large scale, up close and uninterrupted – right when people are at their most receptive.

Driving can be long and boring with little visual stimulation; drivers regularly travel in excess of 2 hours each day on the motorway network. They crave a distraction to interrupt the boredom, they see your creative advert and bam it catches their eye and they remember it because it’s different from the blank and bland other trucks.

They may even purchase from you on their way home, ideal to create a short term sales drive and increase brand recognition in the longer term. Why do you think Eddie Stobart do so well? Their brand is remembered above their competitors because their trucks are uniquely liveried in red and green which stands out.

Imposing Size

The size of the advert means it naturally creates awareness. It’s hard to miss; it’s hard not to notice an advert that can be up to 14 metres long and 3 metres tall! Imagine a moving billboard – your advert will still be bigger than this on each side, making lorry and trailer adverts perfect for any campaign that is aiming to drive awareness.

Seen Everywhere

Every day how many big supermarket trucks do you pass? They are everywhere! Why not create the same sense of being unavoidable with your brand? It creates social proof that you’re in demand all over the country, not in a small way but by the truckload. Social proof is the biggest driver of purchases after word of mouth; in essence if it looks popular it becomes popular. Give your sales super speed using social proof!


We use trailer sided curtains for one key reason; curtains are reusable on the same truck for many years. You can create a seasonal campaign that you can use for at least 5 years, talk about long term advertising!

This is the perfect way to make your customers think of you during the season you want to target. As an example, let’s say you’re an ice Cream brand, you want your customers to associate the summer with your ice cream.

Run a campaign on HGV trailers every summer and the effect of your customers only seeing your branding during the summer soon leads to them to associate your brand with the summer months. As a bonus you only have to pay for production in your first year so it frees up your advertising budget in later years to boast your sales.

As a bonus trailer curtains are also easy to repair if the worst should happen, unlike vinyl wraps which have to be replaced, keeping your advert on the road for longer.


The problem with most other forms of truck advertising is they can be easily damaged and once damaged hard to repair; we only use lorry trailer curtains that logistics companies would use. It means it can handle what the roads throws at it and, if your advert is damaged, it can be repaired the same day using equipment that a haulier has on hand without affecting the quality of the finish.

With vinyl, when damage occurs it needs to be rewrapped, which can take up to a week while we can get your advert back on the road in a matter of hours.


The cost of a typical lorry or trailer advertising campaign is significantly less than a comparable 96 or 46 sheet campaign. Trailer adverts have a cost per thousand of under £0.75 – compared to between £3 and £5 for billboards. When you consider that your campaign also has a much higher reach due to the mobile nature of truck advertising, it makes it a much more compelling advertising medium.