Advertise in a normally unreachable space

The UK’s major road network is one of the most densely populated highways in the world.

Making it an ideal advertising space  reachable only with truck advertising.

You are a

Fleet Operator

You’re interested in becoming one of our haulage partners and host advertising on your fleet.


You’d like to promote your adverts and branding across our fleet.

Media Agency

You’re a media agency or outdoor specialist looking  to create campaigns for your clients.

Easy to Advertise

Advertising with DrivenMedia is easy. Simply confirm that you’d like to advertise nationwide, or which specific area you’d like to cover. Once we know how long you’d like your advertising campaign to run for, we’ll take care of the rest.

You can find out more about the benefits of truck advertising for brand awareness, by visiting our office

of vehicle occupants
Notice truck adverts when they are on display. Over 35 of them research the adverts after.

of vehicle occupants
Can remember a specific campaign, weeks after seeing it. This makes truck advertising 100 times more impactful than other marketing options.
of an audience
Consider a company to be more reputable and trustworthy after seeing a truck advertisement, and are more likely to make a purchase from them as a result.

of an audience
Respond to additional literature and advertising from a company, after being exposed to their truck advertising campaign.

Chris Pook

We used DrivenMedia to help us promote our Small Business Saturday event in Derby. We had never used truck advertising like this before, yet we saw 20 of all ticket sales converted whilst the truck was in circulation around Derby. We will definitely be using DrivenMedia again to promote similar events and services.

Martyn Gould

We used DrivenMedia to kick start YBOO’s OOH media campaign. We loved the idea of ‘huge messaging’ and the Value Proposition of being shown on the back of a truck.

Working with DrivenMedia was easy and the campaign has had a large impact.

Dr David Russell

Advertising with DrivenMedia has been very effective for the College of Business, we find the monthly GPS both useful and fascinating. We can match new enquiries from locations our truck has been over the last 24hours.