The Cheeky Panda Hit's The Road

Sustainability that’s not cheeky

Absolutely delighted to see the sustainable consumer goods brand The Cheeky Panda launch their stunning on-truck advertisements with DrivenMedia.

When they asked us to provide the most sustainable option to fit their brand values we touched base with our haulage partners to find exactly this for them. Deploying the newest trailers, which are more efficient than anything over 5 years old and Euro6 cabs, which are the most economical on the UK roads hit the requirements.

After this The Cheeky Panda team got cracking with designing their full wraps, that’s two sides and a rear. Making the advert ping off the trailer to catch the eyes of motorists, aka consumers, is more easily achieved when you have such a striking brand. But their design team still put a lot of thought into how their advert would appear on the lorry which we supported them with during the proofing stage.

The end result is 5 stunning cheeky trucks on the road which the marketing team are cleverly using in their online marketing. By requesting truck name suggestions this is a fabulous way to get more eyes on their on-truck campaign.

Keep your eyes peeled for the selected names and how we’ll be tracking them across the country.