Expanding the CT-1 fleet

It’s being joyous to see the CT-1 journey the last 4 years. They’ve been creative with their advertising, provided a brilliant product with great POS stands, grown their social media following and gained brand loyalty from their users.

Back in 2018 CT-1 gave DrivenMedia the chance to show them what great on-truck advertising could do for their brand awareness. They’ve become one of our longest advertisers since our company formed. And they’ve added to their fleet over time.

They have full wrapped trucks travelling across the UK on a daily basis. Which is great for brand awareness but also provides the impression they own a fleet of trucks which are crammed full of sealants and adhesives on their way to be delivered to the big sheds and builders merchants.


  • Over the years CT-1 has advertised with us they’ve:


  • Travelled 488,563 miles
  • Been on the road for 15,648 hours
  • Impact is around 218.2 Million pairs of eyes.


  • What’s their target audience?

CT-1 are highlighting their brand to the builders, plumbers and construction workers who are travelling around in their vans to their next job. Then there’s the consumer market; the people who are into DIY, the people who like renovating homes. They can find CT-1 on the shelves too so by putting the brand in front of their eyes on a regular basis it’s proven to help with purchases happening.

  • What do CT-1 say?

  • How does truck advertising fit in with their other marketing activities?

CT-1 complete a range of out of home advertising including billboards and digital boards in strategic locations. They are very active on social media, do some great demos to engage their audience and some radio advertising too. They have a full marketing mix going on.

  •  What’s next?

CT-1 are expanding their fleet adding two more full wraps however it’s a focussed campaign as CT-1 want to increase their profile in the big smoke; London. So they have launched these on-truck adverts on trailers that are only travelling in and on the outskirts of the capital city.

We’re really proud to be their partners in on-truck advertising and delighted to see more CT-1 lorries on the road!

Why not watch one of the trucks complete its install?