Letterbox truck on sentry

Letterbox Sentry Truck

Pleased to announce there’s a new advertiser on the roads.

Introducing Letterbox Sentry who’ve booked a rear only advert travelling nationally.

A business offering alarmed lockable letterboxes for your premises this innovative product has been designed to protect your family and property. The DIY fit kit is really simple to install yet highly effective when in situ, it can be used on existing letterbox installations on uPVC and wooden doors. It’s designed to detect vapours to protect your premises from arson and alarmed so no tampering is possible.

It’s always great to welcome new advertisers to our fleet and even more so when they tell us why:

“Letterbox sentry has just been accredited and while we’ve tried newspaper and magazine advertising in the past they just don’t work. Saw one of Ed’s DrivenMedis trucks and thought ‘Yes! That’s it!’”

Their target audience will be right behind them every day and that dwell time we have for trucks will pay off when it comes to getting their product and brand embedded into people’s minds.

Looking forward to seeing this advertising campaign out and about doing it’s stuff.