Making love on trucks

Find My Sexpert Launch

Delighted to launch the GBEA and Quickbook’s  Community Grant Winner for a FREE advert on a truck for 3 months.

Who won?

Find My Sexpert 

Fran whose business helps people find a sexual wellness professional via her online platform. You can also register to become a sexpert and join the community.

She’s effectively a trusted comparison site for people to find the right sexperts for them; the professionals advertise what they offer so that Fran can facilitate people being hooked up with the right person to help with your sex life.

Part of the competition was understanding the impact a brand awareness advertising campaign would have on the business.

Fran wanted to bring sexual health and awareness into the main stream and a truck travelling across the country would do this for her perfectly.

We’re delighted to see Fran’s vibrant advert on the road and look forward to what it does over the free 3 months she won.

Find my sexpert and Fran