A trucking good offer


Are you looking for cost-effective OOH media for your brand, service, product or business?

Well here’s a trucking good offer for an advertising campaign from DrivenMedia.

5 rear only truck adverts.

20 hours per week guaranteed on the road.*

Or no invoice for the week.

Minimum campaign booking of 6 months.

£300 per month per truck*

That’s £3.75 per truck for every hour they are on the road.

And with 20,000 people per day seeing each truck that’s 500,000 people per week seeing your brand in multi-locational places (you can choose a regional or national campaign for your lorry coverage).

This prime space advertising on trucks works, many of our clients started this way and saw such an impact they increased to more rears or a fleet.

Here’s some of our rear advertisers:

  • Roder who launched a new product and won a significant contract from their existing rear advert.
  • Snuggy who have two rears on the road in an aim to take their side hustle to a fast-growing ecommerce business.
  • GizaGadget who launched a regional campaign for their electronics business.
  • iTip who have a national rear advert and have won a supply contract with a national merchant.
  • CompareHGV whose advert has been on the road for 124 weeks and still looks as good as it did on install

* You’ll be invoiced once a month for the full hours, if we don’t deliver a full 20 hours in one or more weeks within the calendar month you won’t pay for that WEEK. The weekly cost for one truck is £75+VAT