Does truck advertising reach urban areas?


We’ve had a question submitted by Jack from Screwfix;


“Do you think that truck advertising has its main benefits just on the motorway or could it be expanded to hit consumers who don’t spend much time on motorways?”

While Jack is correct trailers, the main bulk of our available fleet, do spend approximately 80 of their driving time on motorways and other major roads, to do reach into urban areas with a number of ways;

  • The first and most obvious is the trailer actually driving into towns and cities, all urban areas have roads that transport firms need to use to make deliveries. They simply wouldn’t be able to cope with the volume of traffic without them and businesses wouldn’t be able to have deliveries of stock and supplies. Our Gps trackers show this, one of our campaigns has been into central London during rush hour, how much would you pay for this on one day alone?
  • The second is by social sharing, this is the use of social media to share images of the campaign. This has been used by some of our advertisers with great success. This amplifies the reach of the campaign far beyond what can be achieved with a lorry advertising campaign alone.
  • Related and far harder to track is the word of mouth around our campaigns. Consumers directly exposed to your trailer advertising campaign talking about it at work, at the gym or even at the pub. Imagine that your brand being discussed at the dinner table.
  • You may not ever drive on a motorway but one of our trucks could still visit you at your place of work. This advantage is because we work with curtain sided trailers and smaller hauliers who in turn work with smaller businesses.

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One of our campaigns in Central London