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Why Trucks beat Billboards, Bus Stops and Posters.


By Victoria Duggan


It’s no secret that out of home advertising has taken a hit. As we ease out of lockdown, public spaces are slowly filling out again, but the message – for everyone’s sake – must be “prudence”. 

Public transport use has plummeted, meaning all those posters are pointless. Town centres are quieter, so billboards are not as good value as before.

But what else has changed?

More Trucks

Home deliveries have soared. Trucks and lorries are ferrying our DIY goods and kids toys up and down the country like never before. Although shops are slowly reopening, there is no doubt that the huge surge in online shopping is a trend going nowhere. As a nation – a planet – we are heeding the call to caution and staying home as much as possible. 

And yet. 

The world is opening up again. We’re back on the motorways. The advice is ‘local is best’ unless travelling is necessary. But staying local can mean using your local A roads and B roads. With our fleets delivering to local depots, business parks and warehouses – we are visible – and delivering your messages with pride. 

More Eyes

The OOH Industry Mobility Tracker reports that road use is over 100% compared to January baseline. Daily exercise has moved from gyms to streets, there’s been a huge uptake in running and the UK has seen the biggest increase in cycling since records began. The hospitality sector is reopening with caution – and outdoor spaces are being used to help people socially distance responsibly. We’re being seen and, with 97% recall rates, our truck advertising is HIGH IMPACT!

In contrast, the digital arena is crammed with noise. With the world turning to the internet, brands are vying for our attention at every scroll and mouse click. Traditional print papers are dying; TV and Radio replaced by box sets and podcasts. 

Be different.

Back in January, the Financial Times reported that outdoor advertising spend was set to rocket. They quoted William Eccleshare, chief executive of Clear Channel, describing outdoor advertising as the “last true mass-reach medium”.

It’s not about whether you should try it, but what your message should be.

More Compassion

Brand messaging has changed. Dramatically. The sales-y ‘Call to Action’ and clever attention-grabbing has morphed into compassion. For each other (stay at home!) and for our heroes (clap for carers!). And rightly so. Most marketing experts will tell you that consumers consume with their heart. That it’s your brand’s mission and vision that win loyalty, not your price tag.

Just look at Heineken’s #SocialiseResponsibly message; Lego’s “Be a Hero” campaign and – in a brilliant call for social change – Durex’s “Let’s not go back to ‘Normal’”. 

It’s time for you to be bold! What do you want people to remember about YOUR brand? Tell them how you supported your employees and survived. How you were brave and pivoted your business. How you diverted resources to help the fight against Coronavirus.

You’ll stand out from the crowd. 

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