Importance of BRAKE
Brake rear truck advert

On September 5th it’s #CharityDay so we thought we’d highlight why DrivenMedia work closely with Brake.


First off let’s start with what Brake, a road safety charity do…

  • Support people bereaved and seriously injured by road crashes.
  • Help people be community champions for safe and healthy mobility.
  • Campaign for safe streets and the rights of road victims.


They say:

‘We want a world where everyone is free to move in a safe and healthy way, every day. We work to stop road deaths and injuries, support people affected by road crashes and campaign for safe and healthy mobility for all.’


Brake have 5 rear only trucks travelling across the country, which they launched in 2019, that have some strong messages for drivers:


  • Using a phone impairs as much as driving drunk
  • Wearing a seat belt halves your chances of dying in a crash
  • 1MPH can be the difference between life and death
  • Fatigues slows reactions making you more likely to crash


We know truck advertising works wonders for brands and with messages like these drivers would definitely be paying attention as they travel behind Brake’s adverts.

With so many accidents that cause serious life changing injuries or worse death happening on our roads every day it’s important we as drivers hear those hard hitting messages. If just one death can be prevented by a driver taking a break or someone putting their phone down when driving that would be a result from DrivenMedia’s perspective!


If you are looking for a charity to support read more here

If you are a victim of a road traffic accident Brake are there to support you; get help here

If you’ve been bereaved as a result of a crash Brake can help; read how here

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