How big is a truck, in a truck advertising campaign?

We’ve all seen trucks on the road but just how big are they? How much outdoor advertising space do you get?

Let’s break it down a fully wrapped truck advertising campaign is made up of two sides and 1 rear.

  • Truck Side

The average size of the side of one of the trucks in our fleet is 14.2 meters long by 2.8 meters high. About 40 square metres. Not bad! Don’t forget you have 2 of these in every campaign. 

  • Truck Rear (The Back Doors).

Time to have a look at the back doors of a truck. The average advertising area you get is 2.4 metres wide by 2.8 metres wide, that’s about 6.75 square meters.

Truck Rear Size 2.4M wide by 2.8M High

  • Full Wrap

A single fully wrapped truck advert has a total advertising space of 86.24 meters. Wow, that’s a lot of space. If you’re interested in how this compares to other outdoor advertising formats our next blog post will answer your questions.