DrivenMedia Spotting

Truck Advertising UK

DrivenMedia, one of the fastest growing truck advertising companies since launching back in 2015. They have now amassed over 50 active trucks in their fleet by 2019.

The question is how to spot a DrivenMedia Campaign?

The answer? Simply drive along the motorways in the UK and there is a possibility for you to see one of these trucks yourself. The more you drive and the more trucks we launch the more chance you have of seeing one.

As they move, sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time.

But how can you tell?

When you see a truck with a company branded all over it, there is a high likelihood of it being one of ours.

Just have an eye out for the DrivenMedia logo placed on the rear or the side bars of a truck.  The location of our logo will vary depending on the company and what sort of advertisement they wanted. A full wrap advertisement covering the entire truck or just a rear advertisement covering just the back of the truck. Alternatively, check out our clients and see for yourself. (not all of our trucks have our stickers on… someone… Ed… forgot to bring our stickers!)

Even though we have trucks on pretty much any motorway across the UK. If you want to increase your chances of seeing one of our trucks then, drive along these specific motorways the M1, M6 and the M25, as they have a higher frequency of DrivenMedia trucks.

If you see a DrivenMedia truck out there, remember to take a picture and send it to us! Just look for the purple banner!

See some example locations of our branding are shown below;

Rear Location

SIde Pannel Location