Why is the thriving transport industry struggling to recruit drivers?

With around 98% of all goods transported by road in Britain, and a shortfall of around 60,000 HGV drivers and rising, Britain has a problem!

What is making recruitment for HGV drivers such a challenge? With usually attractive benefits such as salaries up to 45k pa for experienced drivers, the opportunity to travel around the UK and Europe and none of the downsides of being stuck in an office…. Why are only 1% of drivers under the age of 25?


With a greater focus on health & well-being over the last decade – physical and mental – the dangers of HGV driving can be off-putting. Not only are drivers at risk of injury but we are now more aware of the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and isolation.


It is not cheap to become an HGV driver. With costs ranging from the hundreds to the thousands of pounds depending on your choice of provider, it is a real investment in yourself and your career. A step which few are in a position to make. There is also the ongoing cost of maintaining your knowledge with Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) testing an ongoing requirement.


The long and anti-social hours can also be a barrier. While some are attracted by the opportunity to travel and rack up the hours for a healthy hourly pay packet, that comes at a cost to your family and social life. There is also the time invested in training – unpaid – before you even start the job.


With more responsibility on the driver, the risks are greater. From daily checks, through weigh-ins and insurance requirements, drivers can find themselves wholly responsible for the condition of the vehicle they’re driving as well as the load they’ve been asked to carry.

What’s the answer?

The bottom line is – haulage firms need to invest in more attractive conditions for their drivers. That could be holistic support to counter the health issues, financial support to subsidise training or more time spent on ensuring drivers feel confident with their responsibilities.

Investment takes capital of course. Haulage firms are smart to this and are now looking at ways to diversify their income. Driven Media offers a fantastic opportunity for hauliers to earn more from the miles they’re already doing. By using trailer livery as a mobile marketing tool, hauliers can maintain their Identity on their cabs and earn much needed income to spend where it matters most – the future.


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