BRAND NEW for Small Businesses! Rolling-Contract 'Subscription Rears' Package Now Available!
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Director Ed Hollands had a confession to make.

He admits he has forgotten where it all began – reveling in larger and larger contracts; forgetting those small businesses who started out like him! In the run up to our 5th Birthday, Ed has a fantastic, new, UNIQUE tailored offer for small businesses everywhere…


So what’s the deal?

Ed is offering small businesses the chance for brand exposure like never before.  

Would you have imagined that you could have a 6.72mBILLBOARD in a public place?

Can you picture your logo cruising alongside the likes of Eddie Stobart and CocaCola?


Until now, the ongoing commitment and costs of such an advertising campaign have been prohibitive for smaller businesses who need to be mindful of cashflow and don’t have the luxury of committing to a 12 month contract for something they have never tried before (like a Truck Advertising contract!).

Truck Advertising has always been the most economical form of mobile / billboard type advertising (see comparison costs) and now – with no long-term commitment to worry about – it’s also one of the most LOW RISK!

truck advertising cost comparision

Give me the specifics, please…

>  You can have a monthly on-going subscription for only £350+VAT per month. 

>  You can cancel at any time with just two months notice.

>  Your artwork can be designed, proofed, edited, digitally produced, printed, applied and maintained for the fixed price of £650+VAT – no matter how long you decide to keep your subscription up (you can change your artwork as many times as you want, with the same cost of £650 each time)



No hidden costs. No 12 month contracts. 

We know that once you’re up and running you’ll love what Truck Advertising does for your brand.

Find out more now, or follow #100rearsin100days to see who’s involved:

It’s not just a truck.

The beauty of what DrivenMedia can do for you and your business is in the cross promotion.

The social media experience that Claire (Director, MooseJuice) describes in the short video below is not unique. With a myriad of opportunities to showcase your truck on social media, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity!

‘Spotted’ campaigns?

‘Spot the Truck’ Competitions?

‘Tag a Truck’ photo sharing?

We will use any handles and hashtags you give us to support your campaign and promote your product to our social media community. With hundreds of FB page ‘likes’, thousands of Twitter ‘followers’ and active Instagram and LinkedIn networks – joining our family can boost your online engagement alongside your 20,000 truck views per day! 

Find out more now and follow #100rearsin100days to see who’s involved:



Don’t take our word for it!

Take a look at what just ONE of our long-term clients are saying (advertising on our rears since 2018):

MooseJuice Video Review

You can read more testimonials here.

Many of our clients have had such a successful campaign with their ‘REAR’ campaign, that they have upgraded to a ‘FULL WRAP’.

Others have continued to roll over their Rear Only contract season after season. Because IT WORKS!

If you’re concerned about how effective truck advertising really is – check out this great blog by one of counterparts in America about WHY truck advertising works so well – it’s well established over the water, so follow #100rearsin100days and join us for the beginning of the UK truck advertising revolution!

examples of social media promotion for our truck advertising clients
Examples of Truck Advertising Social Media Promotion

How do I sign up?

The quickest and easiest way to become a member of our exclusive new subscription club is to  complete this simple Online Form

Alternatively, to find out more you can contact our friendly team on 01332 416449 or 07913 946708. 

You can also email us at [email protected].


We can’t wait to welcome you onboard!

Take care

The DrivenMedia Team