Top 5 Tips for Defensive Driving

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In last week’s blog we talked about the issues of distracted driving and we promised we’d offer our top tips on how to practice defensive driving – well here it is.

Defensive driving is one of the most important skills that a driver can learn; it isn’t just about being safer on the road, it’s also about improving fuel economy, reducing strain on the vehicle and minimising tyre wear.

To master the art, defensive driving can be self-taught, all you need is patience and dedication.


Here are our top tips:

Look out

Defensive driving is all about being perceptive and foreseeing potential problems. Let’s give you an example, you’re driving along and you notice that the bins are out, you prepare for a lorry to appear around the corner so you slow down around the bend.


Keep your distance 

It’s important to act sensibly when faced with hazards on the road. A huge part of defensive driving is about keeping your distance. If you see someone who is driving dangerously the best thing to do is to make plenty of space between you and them.

It’s always wise to create as much space around your car as possible when you’re driving so that you have room to move if another driver makes a mistake. When behind the wheel, never trust anyone but yourself.


Slow and steady wins the race 

The faster you’re travelling, the longer it will take you to stop and the bigger the impact if you crash. Slow down. Keep with the flow of traffic and try not to exceed the recommended speed limits.


If in doubt, give way

If you are not absolutely certain who has the right of way between you & another driver, give way. If you are sure you have the right of way, but another driver seems to disagree, yield. It’s better to be safe than sorry for the sake of a few seconds.


Keep up to date on repairs 

It’s important to keep up to date on any necessary repairs, so you can avoid any potential problems that can come from a poorly maintained car.


In the words of Queen Elsa, let it go (too many Disney films in lockdown) 

Road rage is not just an urban myth it’s very real and I am sure you’re bound to have experienced it at some point. As we said previously, when behind the wheel, never trust anyone but yourself. You don’t know who that person is who just cut you up on the island so it’s best to just breath and ‘let it go’.

Getting behind the wheel of your car is a commonplace event for most, but it is likely to be the most dangerous thing you will in a normal day, so take heed and stay safe.


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