A day in the life of a Trucker

Ever wondered what life is like for our hardworking truck drivers? Well, we decided to reach to out to our wonderful hauliers to take a sneak peek at a typical week of one of their drivers.

Firstly we’d just like to say thank you to Phil Smith from G.E. Smith for helping us, read on to find out what Phil had to say…

Typically our drivers start normally work Monday morning and stay with their cab till Friday Night or Saturday Morning.

They’ll typically pick up a load from Yorkshire for delivery across the North West, North East and Midlands (occasionally further afield.) We see a lot of the M62 and the M1 Corridor.

It can be full-on for some of our drivers, driving between 7-10 hours a day with waiting to loaded/unloaded in between. Their routine is normally driven by the scheduling, sometimes they must get up early to ensure the goods are delivered on time. Other than that, they can choose when they drive, as long as what’s inside reaches its destination on time and they’re ready to be reloaded when needed.

Being loaded and reloaded can be one of the most frustrating things about the job (apart from the traffic), as we have no control over the process, sometimes it can be under 30 minutes other times our drivers could be waiting hours! What’s more, most places won’t let you out of your cab unless you’re going for the loo, so make sure you bring something to keep you entertained.

Your cab is like your second home, some call it their work wife, look after her and she’ll let you keep trucking!

Have you got any insights into life on the open road? Why not let us know, you could feature in our follow up article!

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