Increase in marketing spend

Marketing spend on the rise

Last week Advanced Television Report reported a rise in marketing budgets for the very first time since 2019.

Great news as brands start to bounce back and grab their target audience attention.

The source is from the IPA Bellwether Report who surveyed companies operating in the UK to understand what things were looking like from a marketing perspective. And the good news is marketing expenditure is on the rise.

Budgets have been assigned to advertising, both traditional media forms and online opportunities.

As UK Plc prepares it’s bounce back there will be lots of innovative advertising completed to make those brands stand out to consumers or buyers.

It’s something DrivenMedia are looking forward to… seeing lots of lorries launched with adverts that catch eyes, make drivers smile or better still make a purchase.

Our on-truck advertising is perfect for brand awareness campaigns so if you’ve hiked up your marketing budget perhaps have a look at what’s on offer from us. Find out More.