Why the mileage recorded by a truck advertising campaign is important.

“Mileage? I thought you were only interested in the driving time we do?” Remarked one of our hauliers a few weeks ago.

And while it’s true we only promise a minimum drive time we also look at the mileage recorded by our campaigns.

Why? Because mileage is a good indicator of how mobile the campaign was. On average our campaigns achieve around 180 miles per day. If milage is lower than this it means the truck got stuck in heavy traffic, higher means the opposite and the truck had a clear run and completed more jobs (or was just on the road longer).

We’re celebrating our hauliers by recording the total mileage they’ve recorded for us since we were started by Ed back in August 2015 and individual mileage records of our clients and hauliers.

See our current total mileage.

See who holds our mileage records.