If the back is blank it’s boring!

Blank Truck

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam behind a lorry and got frustrated because you can’t see around it?

Or perhaps you are on the motorway stationary and all the trucks around you are plain. Nothing to see except a number plate and cyclists’ beware warning.

You’d probably have been far less bored or frustrated if those back doors had something visually to engage with.

When they are blank they are so boring.

We’re not being biased; we often travel the roads for installations, meetings and other DrivenMedia related stuff. When members of the team get stuck behind boring blank backs of lorries we groan.

Because we know how good rear adverts can look. We’ve got loads on the road that make use of this advertising space.

Putting your brand as an advert on the back of a lorry is what we call our rear only advertising option.

And whether you want 1 or 100 we know it will impact on your brand awareness (obviously 100 will give you a bigger impact and reach!).

This advertising space is perfect. The roads are busy and it’s PROVEN that 91% of vehicle occupants notice truck adverts when they are on display. Even better 35% of people remember the brand or the product or even the website / social media handle and go away to research them.

We know it works but that’s for another blog!