Trucking messages

McDonalds lorry

Let’s talk about messages on trucks.

And for this blog we’ll use the McDonald’s truck. It’s a great example of not having to advertise your product or service. Or even your brand as on these trucks they don’t really have the Golden Arches very prominent.

They have a very clear message on their trucks travelling across the country. And that’s about the fuel the truck is using; their innovation of taking something that they use when they’re cooking our Big Mac and fries (or your preferred McDonalds meal) which is converted into biodiesel for the trucks making deliveries around the country.

This truck message has nothing to do with their day to day business activities or the new things they are launching; the message they’ve put on their trucks is all about highlighting something different, something they wouldn’t be able to talk about consistently on social media, something they wouldn’t be able to highlight in their restaurant, something that perhaps isn’t going to get the engagement on other OOH forms like bus stop posters or even in TV adverts (like their new TV ad for Mcdelivery). But it’s something they want to share to highlight their commitment to sustainability to their consumers.

BUT they are a big brand (we can hear you thinking!)

Can YOU put whatever message you need to share on your DrivenMedia truck advert? Absolutely.

Our advertisers have used various messages onto their truck adverts. There’s been campaigns for people wanting to find a job through to advertising a very specific product or service.

The thing about truck advertising is that you’ve got all of your demographic or target audience on the road. There’s such a wide variety of people on the road each and every day that you can land, whatever message is going to have the best impact for you.

Get the attention you need for the message you need to land with your audience. Talk to DrivenMedia.

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