The 12 Days of Truck-Mas!
Title of the Blog post 12 days of truck mas

With Christmas music slowly taking over and festive lights popping up everywhere… We decided it’s time to embrace the Festive Fun and bring some Christmas Cheer to our truck advertising pages!

On the First Day of Truck-Mas, Ed Hollands says to you…Look out for our Christmas Foodie themed posts next week – and have a browse through our 12 Facts of Truck-Mas. We’ve brought you 12 things you possibly didn’t know about DrivenMedia, Ed Hollands and truck advertising in general…


1. You probably already know that Founder & MD Ed Hollands found fame through Dragons Den. Investor Jenny Campbell is on the Board and an active part of our Brand’s success.

But did you know how Ed got the idea in the first place?

DrivenMedia sprang to life in Ed’s mind when he was at University in Derby studying Business. Whilst waiting to cross at traffic lights, a truck pulled up and had to stop in front of him. He was then forced to stare at the side of the truck whilst waiting for the lights to change… It occurred to him immediately that if he had a business – what an awesome place to advertise! The rest, as they say, is history…

2. We don’t just put your advert on trucks, we actively promote you regularly via our social media channels.

3. You don’t have to advertise on a full truck wrap – you can try out a ‘rear’ only campaign and see what works for you!

“You don’t have to have the whole truck” says Ed Hollands talking to Digital Magazine. “You can select anything from the back doors to a specific side of a vehicle, what better way of seeing if truck advertising works for you…?”

SHows three types of rear adverts with promo text on them

4. There is full accountability – you can access our real-time GPS tracking portal to see exactly where your branded trucks are and where they have been.

5. We offer flexible payment terms to help you with cash flow while you take advantage of the results of your campaign; some of our truck advertising campaigns have recouped their investment in the very first month!

6. We work with clients from every industry imaginable! Often there is an assumption that you must be a product or service related to the transport industry. Not so! Your advert reaches thousands of potential customers sat in their cars on their way to who knows where, with an interest in who knows what…

7. “Vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression in the advertising market,” said John Duever, (President of Vinyl Images and Design) when asked about the importance Truck Advertising.

8. Ed got married this year! That’s right, the DrivenMedia family have had lots to celebrate in 2019 but this put the biggest smile on our faces 🙂

Image of Ed and wife Tara on their wedding day
Ed married Tara this year!

9. Your campaign can be specific to your region. Often people think that their brand will only be moving up and down motorways, but we work with Hauliers across the Country to enable regional specific campaigns for local companies.

10. We can offer exclusivity. If you would like to ensure that your Company is seen above others in your industry, we can discuss allowing you exclusivity across a specific region or for a particular time. Get in touch quickly though as your competitors are catching on too!

11. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create an effective advert. As you can imagine, your impression will be fleeting (excuse the pun) but effective! A simple logo, slogan and easy to see ‘call to action’ or means of finding you again is often enough. Look at what some of our clients have done for inspiration…

12. We send our Advertisers ‘postcards’ when they reach a particular milestone: many have been to the Moon and Back…and even to Mars! That’s a lot of miles, an awful lot of eyes, and plenty of smiles from your stakeholders 🙂


If you would like more information about how Driven Media can help your brand, contact us now.

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