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Have New Year ‘back to work’ Blues got you?

Time for a change! Could 2020 be the year that you make that big life choice and ditch the office job for the road? Maybe you’re in a factory or warehouse environment and you just want a glimpse of greenery more often? If you’ve got the hours available and you’re content in your own company, the transport industry is crying out for Class 1 HGV drivers!

Or perhaps you are an expert at making things happen, smoothly and efficiently? Then a logistics career may be for you. If you work well with people and can juggle tasks and priorities you may find what you’re looking for in the transport management sector. 


Why Work in the Transport sector

With people making twice as many journeys now as they did several decades ago, and the online purchasing upsurge still climbing, it’s safe to say that the transport industry is a good bet for a new career right now.

While there are peaks and troughs, as in most sectors, there are dramatic changes happening in the freight industry that means new talent will be widely welcomed. The driverless vehicle technology is making exciting progress, but they are nowhere near ready to ditch drivers yet. Sustainability issues are changing fleet and fuel solutions and global issues including Brexit continue to challenge. 

Whatever your skills and strengths, the transport industry has a role for you. With a recent report stating that 15% of Industry firms will be unable to fill their current vacancies in the near future, it’s a good time for negotiating your terms.


Becoming a Class 1 HGV driver

Drivers are one of the most sought after employees in the transport industry, with many courses out there offering excellent rates and routes into the Industry. One of our campaigners, has an excellent article busting myths around becoming an HGV driver, as well as advice on which HGV courses might work for you and information about forging a new career as a Class 1 HGV driver. 

If something 3.5 tonne and over feels a little big, they also have advice on smaller vehicles, and passenger vehicles if you fancy yourself a bus driver! For those after a little more depth to their driving job you can read up on ambulance training and put your road skills to use saving lives…

A driving job is one of those roles that can incorporate a bit of everything. You’ll need to be involved in logistics and planning, you’ll take responsibility for your vehicle and you may be the leader of a team or department.  

Roles will also vary from job to job and place to place. We found an interesting piece on driving HGV lorries in different areas of the country which could be a useful read.


How to Change Career

Changing your career is a big step and not to be taken lightly – although sometimes you just know the time is right! The key is to do your research first so you don’t jump from the frying pan into the fire. You can find out about all the jobs you might come across in the transport (including lorry driving jobs) on this page from the National Careers Service.

What is it you don’t like about your current job? Be very specific and honest with yourself. The times you have to work? The environment you work in? The type of work you are doing? If you can figure this out, you’ll know exactly what you don’t want in a new job.

Then make sure you don’t end up missing the things you didn’t know you loved. Before you make any drastic changes, take a week or so to be mindful of your everyday routines and make sure you don’t give up something that really works for you. Perhaps you go to a gym nearby and that might change? Or you get real satisfaction out of a very small part of your job. Can you find that again?

Talk to friends and family and seek advice. This site has some handy tips on what to do if you’re considering a career change.


Do you have Class 1 HGV Drivers job vacancies?

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