Can traffic lead to traffic?

Can traffic drive traffic

Well, this is an interesting question especially if you are looking to significantly increase the visitors (aka traffic) onto your website.

With digital marketers logging on to google analytics to see where their traffic came from DrivenMedia are suggesting that the traffic on the road will lead to more traffic on your website.


Really simple.

With every rear advert you place by using a unique URL or specific web address you’ll be able to track exactly what the effect of being on the road is doing for your brand or business.

And that’s not just our opinion. There’s evidence that being amongst traffic will drive traffic for you.

Derby University undertook a regional campaign with us. Their advert had a specific website address to download a prospectus and guess what? They saw a 400% increase in downloads during the time they ran on truck advertising. That’s pretty impressive right?

It’s that trackability that’s important as every digital expert knows.

Tracking not just the physical miles done but the impact it’s having for you. It’s great for e-commerce businesses or those wanting to get a specific activity / product / service out to their target audience as long as you deploy, dare we say, track and trace on your advert?

So in answer to our first question YES, traffic can lead to traffic if you get your on truck advert right and that’s what we are here to help you achieve.