The power of Christmas advertising

It’ll come as no shock to you that the forecast of retailer advert spend reduction this year is around £720million less than last year. And rightly so; staff coming first is a priority businesses needed to make in the year of the pandemic.

The thing is if you get your Christmas advert right it’ll be because you’ve tuned in to what’s going on in the world. And this year there’s been an abundance of topical things for adverts.

From environmental issues that need tackling now, loss of family members, an increase in the need for kindness, things not being normal, people not being able to get together safely, sectors suffering terribly, hardship and the need for free school meals with Marcus Rashford leading the way.

  • So how have retailers delivered?

Aldi, with Kevin the carrot, has given us a mix of favourite movies and the need for the family to be together, a bit stickman like with a hero hedgehog involved too.

Asda has once again highlighted that you can do a no frills Christmas using their well known catchphrase on pricing mixed with acknowledgement of this year’s festivities being different.

Amazon’s nod to the show going on in a very different way bringing together community and pushing that with true grit and determination things can happen.

Boots focussed on the world needing kindness and hygiene product poverty needing to be a thing of the past.

Coca Cola showed a Dad going across the world to ensure his little girl’s letter got sent to Father Christmas.

M&S are still on their food porn advertising streak but with a difference this year, the celebs with the sultry voices will be choosing the charities to benefit for a large pot of money.

Tesco told us there’s no naughty list this year for Santa so Britain needs to treat itself to the best Christmas ever.

Waitrose and John Lewis used the creative industry to provide an advert with many styles all based on giving a little love this year.

  • What’s been your favourite?

Whatever you have enjoyed watching advertisers are looking to get consumers to emotionally engage with them. Why? Simple really, whether they have used a purchase approach or do good by shopping with us approach both things should lead to us spending whatever Chrstimas money is available with them. And with a TV advert comes the power of social media shares so perhaps that’s a way to view what has been 2020’s favourite advert for the nation!