What does a year’s advertising campaign with DrivenMedia look like?

Ct1 on the road

How about we use one of our advertisers to showcase what having 7 trucks on the road, all of which have a full wrap (that’s the curtains on both sides and the rear), will do for your brand.

Here’s how CT1’s campaign stacked up but first a bit about who they are and why truck advertising was a great option for them.

CT1 manufacture a range of sealant and adhesive products here in Great Britain. They develop their products by listening to the market’s needs and whilst it seemed the market was asking for the impossible CT1 didn’t stop until they could put a tick against all of the requirements outlined by the people who use sealants and adhesives. You can take a look at their range online ct1.com

Building and construction products gain great brand awareness and an increase in sales when they are advertised to the right audience. And that’s builders. Who are on the road regularly going from one job to the next. So deploying an out of home advertising form that is right in front of those eyes makes sense.

Here’s the results of this year on the road are:

  • The advert(s) have driven a total of 13,450 hours.
  • The trucks containing those adverts have covered 417,260 miles.
  • This means their estimated reach from January 2020 is 78.6million over a year.

And the average weekly stats look like this:

  • The average drive time per week is 25.4 hours
  • The average miles covered each week is 801
  • The average reach per week is 423,000

By staggering their launch, starting off with a full wrap truck in November 2018, CT1’s team were able to check what on-truck advertising would do for them by watching the performance of their first advert. This enabled them to make the decision to significantly add to their fleet in January 2019.

Having a perfect advert, on trucks travelling across the UK, in front of the right audience (because every DIYer is a CT1 consumer too and let’s face it most of us dabble in DIY these days as well as those builders and plumbers) with the right tracking in place, with outstanding hauliers means a reach that makes an impact on sales. And after all that’s important for product marketing.