And it’s back to 80%

Motorway UK

Road Traffic is currently, as in right now, 80% of normal…

But what do we mean by normal and how do we calculate this?

  • It’s been important to DrivenMedia to keep our eye on traffic data during the Pandemic

You are probably aware that road traffic is key source of the impressions our advertisers receive. A national lockdown has inevitably made it tougher for our reach data. That’s why, in the first lockdown, all advertisers received free extensions to their campaign.

  • So how do we even start to calculate what traffic is on the roads?

Well, we have our starting point data, and it’s huge thanks to Goodstuff’s Roy Shepherd, for compiling all of the OOH data into a single Google Sheet (Here’s the link to check it out if you haven’t done so yet.)

There are two immediate standout data sets from the main data for us to estimate road usage from.

  • The first is Apple Maps.

It shows how many people are searching for driving directions, so this is a fairly good indicator of traffic as usually people search for longer and more unfamiliar routes. Like any data it has limitations; it only records a single user when there could be multiple passengers.

The original data used to help calculate our reach has continued to be updated regularly from the road counts and times by the average occupancy. However we like to rely on data to give as detailed a picture as possible so only having 1 as a count means this data has limited impact for us.

  • Secondly there’s Talon ADA Roadside.

This aggregates data from thousands of roadside billboards around the UK and displays a % average compared to normal (pre-lockdown traffic stats). While overall this is extremely useful it includes data from supermarkets which over the past year these locations have naturally had a higher than normal number of visits so this skews the data to give a higher figure than it should be.

  • Our base is…

DrivenMedia have relied on Apple Maps for our baseline because it gives a truer reflection of the typical reach of a truck on the move. Apple Maps base period is the 13th January 2020 so well before a lockdown was even considered a possibility.

Every week the data is compared to this base to give us a percentage. If it’s below 100% then obviously it’s less than normal levels and above it’s higher.

So we can say with confidence the traffic is averaging 80% of normal; or the times when we made our promises to clients about the reach their advert would receive.

Delivering on our promise remains a priority.