Are you wondering what bank holiday traffic looks like?

British beach Holiday

After the Easter Bank Holiday, some of our advertisers asked if they could expect to see a dip in their reporting around bank holidays, so we thought we’d done our Sherlock Holmes outfit and investigate especially as there was another one coming up!

  • What does our tracking data say?

DrivenMedia’s tracking data showed a clear drop in the run-up to Good Friday compared to a normal week. For Easter that’s probably tied into schools being off (children went back AFTER this holiday in 2021) so maybe a lot of working parents took the opportunity to have some chill time even though we were still in lockdown. During this period the current daily average miles per day was 17,500; Bank Holiday Friday and Monday showed just over half our usual milage compared to normal.

What about May Day?

As lockdown had lifted and we could go on holiday in our bubbles the May Day traffic this year was high; coming in at 110.6% of normal traffic (this is based on maps data … you can read more on this here.

  • What do the AA say about bank holiday traffic?

This is amusing from the AA website:

‘Bank holiday traffic seems to be a game of roulette. Will your journey go smoothly, or will you end up stuck in a traffic jam, wishing you’d stayed at home?’

  • How do you know if your truck advert will be out on the road on a bank holiday?

It’s important to point out that Drivenmedia works with hauliers who cover a range of jobs; from general hauliers to specialist food distribution. This means that some will be on the road and some will be in the depot.

For example general haulage are more likely to be at home early after the last drop as delivery locations are unlikely to accept deliveries on bank holidays whereas those delivering to supermarkets and retail will be working on bank holidays.

So if you do get stuck in traffic on the next bank holiday enjoy the trucks around you and if you spot on of our advertisers you know what to do (ask a passenger to take a snap and send it in to us please!)