Brand Storytelling

Brand awareness is the perpetual element in the plan that most marketers are looking to constantly increase.

Daring to be different can help with maximising the power of your brand. Showing customers HOW you are different can get a better engagement than purely pushing your brand logo and tagline!

Giving your brand an authentic personality captures a consumer’s attention. Sharing your story, sharing their stories. It’s all about the story that makes people feel connected with who you are and what you are doing.

So you know all that. Where does advertising come in?

It’s possible to deploy brand awareness advertising that covers your story.

It’s seen all the time from static to TV adverts.

Think Lloyds Bank 2020 TV advert. The agency (adama&eveDDB) who created this advert said “In our latest work for Lloyds Bank, Forever Forwards celebrates the resilience of both individuals and businesses and serves as a reminder that Lloyds Bank is always there for customers.” The emotional connection for viewers where it was likely that we could see ourselves in one or more of the settings the horse ran through gave us an understanding that the bank really cares about our nation and more importantly me as a person (who banks!).

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s all well and good talking about a story on a TV advert; that’s a perfect medium.

But what about static advertising?

Forbes highlight 5 ways to use storytelling in your brand awareness marketing. All of which can translate into advert’s on billboards, in magazines or newspapers or on other media forms that aren’t social media or radio or TV such as truck advertising.

It’s easy to use some great imagery, some engaging content, an ability to connect with something visual.

We see it all the time where our advertiser’s great creative with their copy and their brand advert. Maximising the most of the (pretty big) space whilst putting their brand across in a way that their audience can connect with.

Just like The Cheeky Panda whose trucks are demonstrating how good-looking sustainability is; with a little panda face, some cheeky product shots, where to buy yours from and a great big bit of text that makes you understand who the brand is in a way that connects there’s a great advert driving around to generate brand awareness.

So if you’re using story telling as part of your branding a great brand awareness campaign is possible.

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