Why wait to reveal your campaign to the public?

Canna Truck advertising Reveal

Some of our clients announce to the world they’ve launched a truck advertising campaign, others wait months teasing their audience for months all while a few plan a media event to showcase their campaign.

We discuss the pros and cons of each approach in this blog post.

Announcing the world the minute it launches

Most of our advertisers choose to reveal their campaign practically the same minute we finish installing it. With the ever growing utilisation of social channels you can initiate a cross channel strategy to combine your offline truck advertising campaign with your online communications.

This creates awareness of their truck advertising campaign straight off the bat, their audience feels more involved and are keen to be the first to spot it.


  • Pros

Instant awareness, of your truck advertising campaign.

Your audience feels engaged.

Creates social engagement increasing the reach of your advert.

Help people find you after seeing your advert.


  • Cons

You’ll never know the natural reach of the campaign

you might spoil the surprise

Waiting months to reveal it

A few of the brands we work with choose to wait before revealing their truck advertising campaign to their followers.

They may tease their followers with hints and what it could be, all the while preparing extra resources to show off their campaign.


  • Pros

Creates engagement with social media followers.

Increases word of mouth around  your campaign.

Help people find you after seeing your advert (after reveal).

You have an idea of the natural rate of your customers spotting the campaign – because they get in touch and tell you.


  • Cons

You might have to ignore some of your followers before it’s time to reveal your campaign.

Requires extra organisations from your team to coordinate.

Huge Press Launch

Those looking to create a statement with their motorway advertising, use a press event to show their truck or trucks to the world.

This has the potential to create a huge audience and brand loyalty for those invited to attend.

For example, Ice Lolly filled a truck full of beach balls and hid a golden beachball inside, participants had 45 seconds to find the beachball for a chance to win prizes.

DrivenMedia even created an internal netting so the trailer curtain could be removed so it could be a spectator sport for those watching.

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  • Pros

huge press and social media attention

Brand loyalty with those lucky enough to be invited.


  • Cons

Requires a little bit of effort to arrange the event.

Extra budget required to bring the truck from its deport to your launch location.

Press launch needed soon after installation or the launch event no longer works.