Can we offer exclusivity to our clients?

Itip Spotted

Have you got to launch stage for your new product but have you considered how to tell consumers all about it?

You’ve navigated your way through the launch process, you’re packaging looks fab (research suggests 66% of consumers have tried a new product simply because of the packaging!) and you’ve launched an ecommerce site to start selling or perhaps you’re talking to a retailer or even a supermarket.

This is all fantastic stuff. In the super busy and highly competitive space that is the consumer market how will you stand out even more?

That’s where the marketing team (either your internal or perhaps you’ve outsourced it at these early stages) and their planning comes in. Let’s face it you can’t get to launch without having given lots of thought to your website, brand development, actual launch day activities, public relations and advertising.

At what point do you want to start getting innovative with the advertising? Before launch, when you launch or post launch. And does timing matter?

There’s lots of commentary about planning your actual campaign 2 to 3 months before you actually launch. Planning an advertising campaign is essential to get the best ROI possible for your spend.

Building the hype can work perfectly for some brands, getting people excited about what’s about to hit the shelves or be available to buy works.

Itip Handles

However it could be you’ve launched, perhaps like iTip Handle’s  you’ve won an award for new product innovation and want to get that message out to consumers.

NZO Fleet

Perhaps you’ve launched and landed a contract with a supermarket, like NZO with Sainsburys. Part of that deal is advertising of buying eyes.

Monkisidore Vodka Truck advert

It could be your website is live, your social channels are busy but you want to try something innovative for your advertising like Monkisidore Vodka.

It could be your launch went really well but you have crafted your message even further and have something bold to say or an emotional hook you didn’t realise pre-launch.

Moose Spotted

Maybe you launched a while ago but want to drive brand awareness because even though you have a disruptive name there’s even bigger players out there to compete against whose marketing budgets are massive, just like Moose Juice.

There’s no one size fits all. And that is the same for the advertising media you use.

DrivenMedia know that on-truck advertising works with consumers. It’s proven with a range of products that are available just to buy online, ones that are in supermarkets, some that are in smaller retail outlets or only at DIY sheds.

On-truck advertising has consumers seeing your product and brand every single day your truck is on the road. Right in front of buying eyes.